Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Kids Are Growing Up!

Can you believe Jasper is 18 months old? I can't. He went into nursery at church for the first time last Sunday and lasted about 30 minutes, just long enough for Brady and I to teach our Sunday School class (we're official Sunday School substitutes for the youth aged classes). Longer than I expected. I think he'll do better next week. We learned recently that he also has a peanut allergy, he's even mildly allergic to all tree nuts, so we're carrying around an epi-pen. :/ Jasper is still not really talking, he does seem to try to talk more than he used to, but full words aren't quite there yet. I'm pretty sure his Dr. will make us see another specialist for that.

 He's a good eater and will eat vegetables. His favorite food is tostadas. He also likes music and dancing to it. He's still my snuggly baby. He's so chill and a complete opposite than Ollie. But he likes to tease Ollie too and would win all wrestling matches, and Ollie just takes it in stride. They play well together which is a relief for me.

Ollie has been doing great! I think the terrible 3's are behind us for good and he's a lot more reasonable these days. He's all potty trained, in spite of the occasional night time accidents. He got to do a month of swim lessons this summer and he did great and it's nice that he's no longer afraid of the water. His big thing coming up is preschool! He starts next week and I'm so excited for him. He's excited to go too, he really loves learning and socializing with other kids. He will be in his element.

Just for fun here are some pictures from our recent visit to the zoo. I normally would avoid the zoo like the plague during the summer but Ollie has been into animals lately since his favorite show is "Wild Kratts", so I caved and bared the heat. We utilized the splash pads for sure and it was awesome.

This orangutan was so cute, he came right over to us...
And put it's head against the glass to check us out.
So cute.
Of course we have to see the macaw. The pirate parrot.

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