Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our Recent Life, According to My Pictures.

Since the boys birthdays, a lot has been going on and I need to use the pictures from my phone to remember everything. This may be a long post.

At the end of February, the 28th, to be exact, Sarah and I ran a 5k. This was my first and we had signed up a while ago, and I started "training" and hated every second of it. Running is not my thang. The actual event was the Color Vibe where you get color thrown at you, and in the end it was fun. But I probably won't be doing it again any time soon. But I should say. It took 48 minutes to run my 5k in practice but only 44 minutes in the actual race, so yay!

Near the end of the run. Feeling tired.

Green Teeth!!

Discovered Jasper is possibly allergic to peanuts.

And he got his first hair cut.

I went with mom to fulfill her dream of seeing Air Force One in person. She was really excited about it.

Some pictures from Easter time.

Easter Morning
Ollie has surprised me lately. He made his own apron out of a pirate flag and sash.

April 7th was Brady's big 30th birthday. But we're low key here, so he got balloons, a key lime pie, and new shirts.

Jasper's favorite seat in the house.

A couple of weeks ago, Mom, Sarah, and I went to Tucson and saw Newsies on stage. It was amazing, I would definitely see this one again.

Sweet time with my boys.

I have to mention the hikes we've been doing. Our Grand Canyon trip is almost here. We've done some hikes in the valley to help prepare us.

At the Wind Caves.
We carried our near empty packs on the Pass Mountain Trail.

This last weekend, we went to Mt Graham to practice hiking and camping with our full packs. It went pretty well besides the sleeping. I don't think any of us actually slept. It was kind of cold at night and the nocturnal birds were loud. But the hike was beautiful and we learned a lot about being more prepared for the GC hike. And our freeze dried meals were surprisingly very delicious and satisfying. 

This picture does no justice to how gorgeous this spot was.

I loved the green ferns everywhere.

Pretty and narrow trail.
Some stuff about the kiddos.
Ollie is still as pirate crazy as ever, with no end in sight. He's still a super picky eater. He's 90% potty trained! Yay! We're still working on night time training. He's needing to learn to wake up, get up and go to the bathroom. He tends to lay in bed and just let it go. He's now at the age where we have to start signing him up for things. So he's signed up for preschool for this fall as well as swim lessons this summer. Fun fun.

Jasper is walking! He started when he was 14 1/2 months but really took off at 15 months. He loves it, and hates it because we make him walk more than he wants to. He's a picky eater already and is difficult to feed most days. Refuses all veggies and most fruit, which is kind of frustrating.

The boys are starting to play with each other more often which is super cute.

Coming up is my birthday, mother's day, Grand Canyon. Crazy crazy busy.


  1. So excited for you Grand Canyon Trip! You guys are going to do great!