Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2 Birthdays, 1 Day

This was our first year having to celebrate our two boys birthdays on one day. Since it was Jasper's first birthday, we had to throw the big family party. We wanted to keep it easy on Brady and I so we had everyone meet up at Organ Stop Pizza. Brady and I love the kitschyness of this place, it's so funny. The first time Brady went there, we had read the Phoenix Times "Best of..." list, and this was the best place to go if you were sad. It cracked us up. We took Ollie and Jasper a few months ago, and Jasper didn't mind it and Ollie liked it, so there we go.

Afterwards we went back to our house for cake and presents. 

They each got their own cake this year. Jasper got a music cake, it was the theme for the night. Ollie got his pirate cake.

Ollie kept blowing Jasper's candle out before we could even get Jasper close to it, so I had to stop him.

Jasper was pretty tame with his cake.

He eventually dived in. He would choke on another piece 5 minutes later.

We got Ollie a ukuele. He's excited to rock out.
Sarah got him a pirate costume. ARRRG!

The next day was their actual birthday.
My cute little one year old.

My cheesy big boy, 4 year old.
 And we snagged a family photo! Yay!

And that's my new hair.