Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas 2014

I thought that I should do the Christmas post before the big birthday post that will be coming up soon.

We did a low key Christmas with the whole Gillman family the Sunday before Christmas. Ollie got a new to him bike, a telescope, and Legos. Jasper got a toy Elmo and some easy to hold toys. 
Papa reading How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Ollie loves his telescope!

On Monday we went to the Mesa Temple Lights. Ollie loved the nativity scene. We saw some of a performance of dancers as well and Ollie was in heaven while watching. It was pretty cute.

My mom and Sarah came to our house for Christmas. We ate tons of junk food, played games, and played with Ollie's new toys. Santa brought Ollie a Star Wars figurine set with a Millennium Falcon that flys on the floor, he loved it so much, he needed to be reminded that there were more gifts to open.

Santa brought Jasper a cool toy train that luckily he still enjoys. 

Aunt Sarah got the boys matching PJs.

Ollie got an art easel before his mom did. From Grandpa Buckley.

Oh! And this dude is now a Sunbeam!