Monday, December 8, 2014

We've Reached A Calm

Our little family is doing pretty well these days. Brady's still learning more at work. I'm getting better at this "mom of two kids" thing. Ollie, although still a challenge in some areas, is so much fun. Jasper is crawling everywhere and happy as can be.

A little about Jasper. He started crawling about a month and half ago. He's now an expert and is constantly moving. He loves exploring and being able to get to all the toys and follow us around the house. We finally weened him too. He's eating all kinds of fruits and veggies and has gotten used to drinking formula, and only from a sippy cup. Flat out refuses bottles. He also loves eating Cheerios, so they are always in my bag when we go anywhere, especially out to eat. He now has7 teeth and weighs about 20lbs and is 29 inches long.

Ollie and Jasper love each other. I love watching them together. I think Jasper's going to love wrestling with Ollie. He's always crawling up behind Ollie and practically pouncing on him. Ollie will use playing with Jasper as a way to stall bed time. It's funny. There are a few moments every once and a while when Jasper will start playing with a toy that Ollie will suddenly decide he wants and a tug of war begins. But it's not too bad yet.

Ollie is growing to be quite a talker. He's communicating better and better all the time. He has favorite phrases that are said a lot for a week or two before he chooses another one. These phrases have included "What? That's so crazy!" and "What are you talking about?" and always asking "What are you doing?" His favorite response to that question is "I'm just hanging out."

Jasper kissing himself.
Brady helped me film a speed drawing video. You can go to my drawing blog to check it out. (As well as future ones.)

You can't really see in the photo but Ollie had a run in with his Uncle Riley's dog on Thanksgiving.
We had a good Thanksgiving with Brady's whole family this year. We even did a double date with Shannon and Michael to see Mockingjay Part 1, which was great. When we got back from the movie and were enjoying all the pie I made, Ollie got bit by Rileys dog. Apparently the dog was eating or drinking and Ollie touched or grabbed the dogs tail. He was whisked away to the ER by Brady and his mom while I stayed with Jasper. He got a stitch in his lip and his cheek just had a little gash that a band-aid could heal just fine.

At the train park in Scottsdale.

Riding the train!

Christmas time is here! My mom let me take the bear calandar to countdown the days. Ollie loves it.

Sarah took this a few days ago. So cute. 
Jasper is 10 months old and Ollie is 3 years and 10 months old :)

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