Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Casa de Gillman and Iowa

I've been meaning to blog, but life and kids and other projects end up coming first. So this post may be long.

Jasper has grown so much. At his 2 month appointment he was 13lbs which is in the 90% range. I didn't get his length, but he was 90% in that too.
At 2 months old

Watching Up together.
So squishy!
He's sleeping great and is so much fun to watch. He's so calm which is a complete opposite from Ollie. He always watches Ollie play and smiles at him when Ollie gets close. 

We think Jasper wants to always be involved. He cries whenever we sit down to eat dinner if he's in the living room, so we always have to have him sitting next to us while we eat and he's usually happier.

He rolled from his back to his tummy last week for the first time. So that's exciting.
Rolled Over!

Blowing kisses (Lucky shot)

3 Months Old
Ollie has been doing great. Our personalities are so different, so we've been working together to figure out how to make our days flow. I've started do a daily schedule so Ollie has more structure at home. If he wants to watch a TV show we add it to the schedule and he has to wait to watch TV until the scheduled time. We're also trying to get him to help with chores. Cleaning up his toys and sweeping. He likes sweeping and swiffering, but getting him to pick up his toys is sometimes a struggle and other times, remarkably easy, depending on his mood.

Potty training has come a long way. He'll tell us when he needs to go now, and when we're home, he'll go to the bathroom and not tell us he where he's going. Independence is great! We're still working on the poo in the toilet thing.

We cut off his hair. I cried.
At a stake splash and swim for the little kids. So much fun.
He's so cute. Photo-bombed a picture I was trying to take of Jasper.
His Doctor Who and TARDIS. He sees one episode and becomes obsessed.

What else have we done?
Gilbert Farmers Market

Brady took me to see the Hollywood Costume exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum for my birthday. Loved it! Wasn't allowed to take pictures.
A couple days ago we got home from a quick trip to Le Mars, Iowa. Brady's mom wanted her grandkids to meet her father, Bill. It was a good trip. We always enjoy seeing the whole family. I didn't take many pictures.
Ollie on a plane for the first time.

We flew out at sunset and had amazing view of it.
Lorraine Foley (Great Grandma) meeting Jasper.

Chillin at the hotel during nap time.

Hot tubbing

Swimming at 8:30pm.

Walking to a park with the Orrs. Killing time, burning energy.

Unfortunately, the Blue Bunny Ice Cream shop was closed when Brady and I tried to go. 


Ollie, Rafe, and Skye on our last night. In Omaha.