Monday, March 24, 2014


This past month has been a blur of busy it seems that something is always needed to be done. I'm not talking about house chores. But I'm not going to talk about not fun stuff. Except:

When Jasper was just 3 weeks old (that's how I remember when), Ollie woke up wheezing. He wasn't able to breath very well. We took him to the doctor. He had his lungs x-rayed and the doctor didn't see that it was pneumonia. So we were sent to the hospital. Ollie was given a breathing treatment and seemed to improve some, but he still had to stay over night. He doesn't have asthma, so that's good. It was basically a cold gone bad, as I say. He's been perfectly healthy ever since.

Now here's some pictures to show our more fun times.

Playing with Papa and cousins.

Ollie loves playing with Jasper.

At the Renaissance Festival


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