Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Rundown

Our holiday season:

Thanksgiving was nice. Brady and I hosted my mom and sister this year. It was our first time hosting so Brady was excited to make the turkey. He wanted to grill it, so he got his Christmas present early, a Weber charcoal grill. It was super yummy. My mom even said it was the best turkey she'd ever had.

The week of Thanksgiving, my mom was here all week to potty train Ollie. My first attempt was not a pleasant one, so my mom volunteered to come and do it. It was a huge help and got us over the hump I had trouble with the first time.

Christmas was wonderful, one of my favorites ever. We had mini celebrations with mom and Sarah and again with Brady's family. For actual Christmas it was just us three. It was super relaxing and just what we needed.

Ollie had a great Christmas and was showered with all kinds of pirate gifts.

New Years was nothing. We sat at home and watched Netflix and worked on hobbies.

9:00am church is about the best thing ever! 1pm church was awful since it was Ollie's nap time and he's not pleasant without a nap. Yesterday was a walk in the park. We also got a new primary class. Oh yeah, we teach primary, since October. 6-7 year olds. Last years class was not a good experience. So this years class already seems to be a vast improvement. *knock on wood* Yay for not dreading church!

Now we're just waiting for this baby to arrive. I'm ready for the pregnancy to be over pronto. I have leg and hip pain that is nearly unbearable by the end of each day, whether I walk around a lot or just sit around all day, it makes no difference. My midwife doesn't think this one will be as late as Ollie was, so I'm holding on loosely (but won't let go), to that hope. I do have some little things I need to be completely ready, so I think that will keep me from going crazy.