Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some Fun Stuff...

Well, we've been busy. Last week we went to Safford for cousin Mallory's wedding to Alex. It was a great ceremony and it was fun to go to the Gila Valley Temple again. It was my first time since the open house. 

Photo Bombed!

The day before we had our big ultrasound to find out what our baby is going to be and the not so big surprise, to me, was that it's a boy! Most people were sure it was going to be a girl. So Ollie is getting a brother, but of course, he doesn't understand that.
After the ultrasound, we gave the pictures to Ollie to look at. He sure did study them, and wouldn't give them back. "Mine!" He calls the pictures the "baby doctors", since we went to a "baby doctor" to get them. We try to correct him by saying it's his "baby brother".
An exciting thing in our house this week is that we finally laid down a carpet that Grandma and Grandpa Bingham had given us a while ago. They had left over remnants from when they got new carpet and were kind enough to give it all to us. It's so nice and Ollie sits on the floor all the time and says "soft, soft".

So to end off, here is my 20 week pregnancy, wet haired, picture.