Friday, April 26, 2013

A Birthday Happened

I'm such a terrible blogger nowadays, but I'm not the worst so moving on. Brady had a birthday. It was on General Conference Sunday and we celebrated the whole weekend. I thought of the perfect gift for him.
Warhammer 40K models to add to his army. He loves building and painting these. Ollie gave him a day to go play the game at the hobby shop.
Brady chose Joe's Real BBQ for dinner. We had never been there so it was interesting, but delicious. I fell in love with their BBQ chicken. MMmm.

That night, when I asked Brady what he wanted to do for fun, he just wanted to be home with his family and watch a movie together. We watched some Season 1 of Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes 2 after Ollie went to bed.

On Sunday after conference we went over to Brady's parents for some dinner and homemade ice cream (rocky road, Brady's fav). Blake had also gotten Brady a cupcake from some place called Gigi's cupcakes. There was more frosting than cake, they tasted ok.

Other than that, we're just living. Ollie and I have been trying to keep busy each evening after Brady goes to work. Now that it's getting warmer outside, our options are becoming limited. 

Playing with his potato a couple weeks ago. He's now over it.

Playing with the trains at the book store. He loves it, especially when other kids come play too.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013