Sunday, February 10, 2013

Party Time

Last Saturday, the day after Ollie's birthday, we had a family birthday party for him. It was tons of fun. The weather was beautiful so we ate hamburgers and hotdogs outside.
We had the party at 4 so he could nap before hand, but didn't nap at all.
 After we ate we had Ollie open presents.
Riley just had to get this picture.

This marker set from Brady and I is Ollie's favorite gift thus far.

A book from Aunt Sarah

Mr. Potato Head from Papa and Mammi

Tonka truck from Gigi
We played around outside for a bit. I had borrowed ladder ball from a friend of Sarah's and Ollie had gotten some balls as a gift so we had fun just messing around.

Cake time.
I totally went lazy on this cake this year. No Gabba Gabba quality this time. But at least it tasted good.

He tried, but eventually, Brady and I blew out the candles.
Happy Birthday, Bud!
Thank you to our wonderful family who came out (Cindy drove 90mph from Utah to make it). It was great having everyone over to celebrate our awesome kiddo.