Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Discount

Hey family and friends that actually read this. I've revamped my Etsy listings a little bit but I'm willing to do a discount for family and friends.

I will charge $25 for a single subject portrait
$35 for a couple
$50 or higher for family/multiple people portrait (depending on family size.)

You can use PayPal to pay me, it's easiest. Instead of going through Etsy.

I know not a lot of people think of getting a pencil portrait done, but I wanted to offer anyways.


  1. I am interested... Don't know what I want though. It would be cool to do baby ones, like you did for my mom ages ago. Have to decide what age a want for both the kids though. Maybe about one year old... Advice?

    1. I always forget about those I did for your mom. Let her know I would be willing to redo those, if she'd like.
      If you want your kids to be the same age in their portraits, I would probably just go off of a favorite picture you have of Conway, then later use a picture of Elle at that same age later. Or if you don't mind them being different ages for the portraits, just choose a favorite picture between ages 6 months to a year.

  2. Nicole, you are so talented and I LOVE your drawings. When I have a little wee one I for sure want to hire you for a custom portrait! So put me down for the (hopefully) not so distant future :)

  3. Love this!! You are so talented...I will def think of something that I would like! :)