Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas and Surprises

What a busy Christmas weekend we had, lots of driving. We're getting into a routine again, which feels good.

Christmas celebrations began on Saturday. The Gillman side of the family came over to our place for breakfast and gifts. It was low-key and enjoyable.

That same day we headed to Miami for the night.

Sarah and I wore similar shirts, unplanned.
Mom put Brady and Ollie to work.
On Sunday after Miami Wards Christmas Program, we headed to Safford. Here's the story. Grandma Bingham had finished Sarah's quilt and wanted to give it to her as a surprise. She wanted to do it at Thanksgiving, but my mom talked her into waiting until Christmas so I could be there and so that I can surprise Grandpa Bingham with his gift. 

So we go to Safford, eat dinner, hang out and Grandma surprised Sarah with her quilt. Sarah was shocked and happy.

Then I surprised Grandpa, and Grandma as well, with my gift. I mentioned earlier that I entered a drawing into the State Fair in October. Well I can finally reveal it here.
You can click on it to see it larger (looks better in real life). This is drawn from Grandpa's high school football picture.
I decided against drawing a celebrity for the fair this year. I wanted to do something personal and I had tons of pictures of Grandma and Grandpa from the 60th anniversary video that Brady and I put together. I loved this picture and Grandpa is one of my favorite men ever, so there we go.
While at the State Fair.
I'm happy to say that Grandpa was not only surprised, but also touched. Tears were shed. He told me that he was about 17 or 18 when that picture was taken and also that they didn't have enough jerseys for everyone so that had to switch when taking the pictures.
I love this man so much.

We hang out the rest of the day and visited my Dad and Grandma Buckley before heading back to Miami for the night.

Oliver playing with one of new toys from his Mamie. They're magnetic block things, and we made them into a microphone. He loves singing!
Watching Grandpa's trains
We came back to Mesa on Christmas Eve. Brady had to work most of the day, which didn't make me happy, but it turned out ok, and he was able to come home a couple hours earlier than expected. 

Sarah had to take care of one her friends chickens while they were out of town, so we joined her. Ollie loved the chickens and was even brave enough to touch them.
So we watched White Christmas, ate mexican food and read The Night Before Christmas and then Ollie went to bed.

Santa came!
And went overboard
Ollie was so cute and immediately went to his new tricycle from Santa.

Check out that face!
He also got his own little table and chairs. He sits at it all the time to play with his blocks.
My mom surprised me with a new sewing machine. I didn't ask for one but needed one. I'm excited to use it.
The rest of the day was pretty low key, we watched movies, ate food and tried and failed at seeing Les Miserables (the theater was slammed).

It was a Merry Christmas. I hope everyone else had a great time as well.