Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All about Ollie

I think I finally earned my Mom's Badge yesterday. After Ollie had been in bed for a couple of hours he woke up crying a little bit, which isn't out of the norm for him, but since he didn't go back to sleep I decided to check on him and found that he had puked everywhere! He has never really vomited like this before. He had dragged his head through it as well so clean up was not quick and easy. I'm proud of myself for not heaving myself, the smell was pretty bad. After a bath and everything being put in the laundry, Oliver threw up again in the living room, lucky with the hard wood floor, it was much easier to clean up. He threw up one more time but this time I had something ready for him to throw up in. By the time Brady got home, Ollie was finally ready to go back to sleep. Sadly he woke up at his normal time of 7:30am, but at least he's happy and keeping food down. 

In healthier days, Ollie and I went to the park recently, he loves it a lot. Especially the slide, he would go up the stairs and down the slide over and over again, probably 20 times in a row. He could do it all by himself too.

Saying "cheese"

Oliver has learned a lot since our Disney trip. Mostly in the language department. His word count has at least doubled. He says "Woody" for everything Toy Story. He can say "car". He can say and point to on himself, "eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, and ears". He also says "shoe" and "ball". I think I've figured out that when he says "bwa, bwa" that means Mama. He stopped saying "Thank you" and replaced it with "Please", because he gets something out it. He says doggie and blankie, but just the last syllable, "gie". He loves the gie's. 

Now here are some pictures from the State Fair this last Saturday, we brought my mom and Sarah along to show off my drawing. I'm still picking my time to show it on the blogs, but if you go the fair, be sure to scope it out.

Goats being judged.

Love the rabbits

Ollie loved the chicks and the chickens

My favorite quilt this year

Photo bomb!!

Eating Fair food!