Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good things

We're getting settled into the house. Things have slowed down and been going a little more smoothly. Oliver has seemed much happier for a few days now and therefore that makes Brady and I more happy as well. We have plans for rugs, dining room furniture and other purchases to make this house awesome, but at this moment, we're saving for our upcoming vacation to Disneyland! 39 more days, baby! We're more than a little excited for a break from the daily grind.

So at the moment, our living room has two very open walls, since we're waiting for our hand-me-down chairs to arrive, and Oliver has come to see them as his open canvas. Just today, he has colored on the walls with colored pencil and crayon! The pencil came off fine, but I need to do a little searching online to figure out how to get rid of the crayon. So no more writing utensils for Ollie unsupervised. Grr. 

So big news people! I've started a new blog! I know, I have two, but the photography blog is going bye bye. I'm starting a blog just about my drawing. It's just for fun and it's a place I can talk just about drawing and what I'm working on and keep this blog for family stuff. I have a few posts on there now, so I do hope you check it out. I'll be telling stories about my stuff and reminiscing about the past. There is a link over on side bar. 
Click on the picture below to hop over there.

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