Monday, July 23, 2012

Movin' On Up!

We're officially in packing mode. In about 2 weeks, we're moving to Mesa. I have to admit, it's further east than Brady and I ever wanted to go, but when someone offers you a house on a platter of affordable rent, you take it. We're really very excited about it. To have a backyard, more space, a garage, and anything else that's good with living in a house, we're ready for it. Big thanks to the Goutcher family for the opportunity.

We'll miss a few things about living here in east Phoenix. We'll miss our ward. The first three years of our marriage, we were in a ward that we never felt welcomed in. This new ward has been fantastic and fun. We'll miss it. Another thing is our awesome Costco. It's never busy or crowded, even on a Saturday, it's amazing. Rock star parking every time we go. We'll also miss a few new food joints that we've discovered close by, Tee Pee Mexican, Honey Bears BBQ, and now Rita's.

We will miss our apartment a little. We love the layout of this place, and it has been perfect for us in this stage of life. We learned to be parents here and Oliver has really learned and grown here.

Lots of memories made, but here's to some new ones!

Oh, there is a QT a half mile from our new place! Woo Hoo!


  1. You will be missed, but so excited for your new adventure!

    By the way.... do you need moving boxes, because we still have some that I want to go to a good family :)

    Seriously, let me know and I will run them over!

  2. Hooray for packing!! We have been cleaning, packing, painting, painting, painting! But it's all coming together and we will be in on Saturday. I hope you guys are enjoying this process too and Ollie is being super helpful. ;) Enjoy your new space!