Monday, July 9, 2012

Gettin Artsy

I've been drawing again. Seriously drawing. This was a passion for so long, since I was about 10, and for some reason, about a year before I met Brady, it wasn't fun anymore and I stopped drawing. I didn't draw a thing for almost 4 years. That's a long time. I was happy to start getting the itch to do it again, but it was hard to get into it after not picking up a pencil for so long. At first I wondered if I could even do it anymore, I was pretty bad. But after watching some YouTube videos and iTunes U video classes, I figured out my niche again. It feels great and I hope the feeling lasts. 

Brady and I went to pull some sketch pads I had out of storage and I came across an old notebook from when I was 14. I filled this entire line paper notebook with 100 drawings of gymnasts. I became a fan during the 1996 Olympics, of course. I had only been drawing people/human figures for a few months to a year, and I probably filled this notebook up in about 2 weeks.

I thought it would be fun to redraw some of these pictures to see the difference of how far I've come. I've only done one so far, and I'm working on the 2nd now. It's silly but I'm, having fun doing this.

Click on the picture to see it larger.
 Sorry the quality of the picture isn't great. These are photos of the drawings, not scans. I don't know, but I think I've improved. There's a little more shading going on nowadays. I think this proves that with practice, practice, practice, you can get better at any talent.

I'm going to keep going forward with this. I have other projects to work on as well, including a new grandma square crochet blanket.

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  1. Awesome! I'm so glad you are drawing again! These look great!