Thursday, May 31, 2012


As every Arizonian living in the valley knows, Saturday was probably our last awesome weather day, with a high of 85. We took advantage by taking Oliver to the zoo for the first time. We weren't able to get there until 2:00pm so we missed the morning rush and got good parking. Brady brought along a fancy lens for our camera so we got some good pictures.

After being there for an hour and a half, Oliver finally cared to look at an animal, the macaw.

Oliver just doesn't seem to care about animals much, unless they are pretty close. We were able to get close to the birds, so he seemed a little more interested in those.

We had a great time. Brady kept calling it our "staycation" although we were only there for 2-3 hours. But he says it qualifies because it involved, spending money, crowds, a new thing we've never done, and it was different for us. I think we need a real vacation.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just being a mom

Sorry I haven't blogged. I've been spending some much needed time with this little guy.
We've been catching up on lost time. Plus I've been learning how to be with a toddler, as opposed to a mere baby. 

Wednesday was my birthday, Brady spoiled me more than expected. He's kind of a great guy.

On Saturday we surprised my mom by a showing up in Miami for Mother's Day.