Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Journey to Being Type A: Order

For a little while now, Brady and I have been dreaming of getting our house in functional order. We're slowly working on it. For a long time, Brady had his "office space" in Oliver's room. It wasn't my favorite situation, but Brady needed the alone time to work on projects. As Oliver got older it became a problem since Ollie would be more aware of Brady being awake and home and would only cry when the bedroom door would close. Plus nap time became a hindrance on Brady's work time. So we finally moved the desks into our dining area. We never really used our dining table except to hold my computer, so it's currently sitting outside. Now Oliver's room is his room. We even moved our movies out of his room. My favorite change.

We got these awesome shelves from Ikea. $6 each! And if we run out of space, we can just buy one more and it won't take much more wall space. I love it.

So with the extra organization, I feel like our home is functioning a little better. Especially for Oliver since we can now leave more doors open and make his home world a little bigger. Our home is far from perfect, or clutter free, but since we don't know how much longer we're going to be living here, I'm making sure that it's a place I want to be.


  1. I love your movie shelf!! It is also very cool wall art, classic for you three since you love movies so much. Great Job!

  2. Wow that is impressive!! So fun to see pics of your cute family!! Oliver is just adorable!!!