Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter and a Birthday Boy

This last weekend was, of course, Easter. My mom came into town on Friday and we went on a picnic and had an Easter egg hunt for Oliver. It was quite successful and Oliver loved finding the eggs and eating the little cookies inside of them.

Afterwards we played in the park.

Catching Oliver going down the slide. He laughed every time.
On Saturday, Brady turned 27. I got him The Muppets on blu-ray and a Pinterest inspired homemade gift. I took him on a date, first to Spinato's for delicious pizza and then we went bowling. We are terrible bowlers, but we're also not too competitive so we had fun playing.

My handsome birthday man. Happy Birthday, Love.
As an extra, here is a video of Oliver finding some eggs. There isn't any sound, sorry, just cuteness.

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