Friday, April 20, 2012

Books Books Books

I love berks, I mean, books. I don't know where this came from. But in the past year, or 10 months, I've become kind of obsessed with reading. I do it all the time now. More than movie watching. My day isn't complete if I hadn't read out of a good book. Besides children's books, I could probably name only 20 books I had read all the way through in my whole life. (That's not counting the million "Fear Street" books I read in junior high.) Now it's different. This post is mostly for me, not to show how awesome and well-read I am, I just want to remind my future self that I once enjoyed reading and it's cool. So I'm going to reveal the books I've read this past year, and what I thought of them. You're about find that I'm not very good at reviewing books.

Side note: The library ebook online checkout thing, whatever it's called, is amazing! A lot of the books on this list were checked out online. :)

The Hunger Games Trilogy: The books that started it all. I heard about these books a long time ago and heard that they were good, so I always wanted to read them. Of course when I heard that they were making the movie, I finally bought it and read it. Loved it. I could only wait a week before buying the 2nd and 3rd book to find out what happens next. Brady read them at the same time, so we got to talk about them. Fun fun.

The Help: Of course, everyone who reads this book, loves it, and I refused to see the movie until I read it. I liked it a lot. I should've waited a little longer after finishing it before seeing the movie, because the movie felt a little rushed, but I still liked it. I just watched it again last night and really enjoyed it.

Pretties: This is a teen novel and the second book in a series. The first is Uglies, which was really good and I read it a couple years ago and never really got into Pretties because the language was so different, which makes sense in the story, but I couldn't reconnect to the characters. So after a long break I tried it again and got through. I liked it but not enough to run out a buy the third book. Maybe I'll get it from the library sometime.

One Day: The book had good reviews, the movie, not so much, so I gave the book a try. Ugh! Safe to say, I hated it. I don't think writing about one day a year to tell a love story works. It didn't work for me. Plus! Why leave out the most important day in the relationship until the very end of the book when having it at the beginning will actually make you want to root for this couple? I didn't care if they would get together or not through out the whole thing. Frustrating.

A Christmas Carol: It was a short, and free, ebook, so I thought why not. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And just so you know, out of all the movie adaptions out there, the Jim Carrey version that came out a couple years ago, is the closest to the book. It's pretty crazy. It's a little creepy, a little funny, and a little touching. Just right.

The Hobbit: I know! I can't believe I barely read this too! I loved it and I'm ecstatic for the movie.  

Orson Welles and Me: I bought this because I love all things Orson Welles, even fiction books, I guess. Plus there was a movie adaptation out. I liked the book, it was a light easy read and I liked how the author flushed out the characters. The movie is flop. I'm not convinced yet that Zac Efron knows how to act.

Jane Eyre: I already owned this one, hoping to one day tackle it. It was required reading in high school, so naturally, I didn't read it. I decided to give it a good go at it. I liked it, but didn't love it. I think it's because there was a lot of description, and I got tired if it. But the story was pretty good. I've never seen a movie of Jane Eyre since most seem kind of lame. However, I might give the most recent one with Michael Fassbender a try sometime.

The Total Money Makeover: Non-fiction! Look at me learning things. This was really good and I made Brady read it too. We're now doing the Total Money Makeover. We're working on Step Two and making great progress. We just paid off our car last month. Yay!

The Great Gatsby: After watching all those 20's era movies this Oscar season, I really wanted to read the most famous book that came from that era. It was different than I thought it would be. That's neither good or bad, I liked the story, it was intriguing, but it's more sad than I expected or wanted.

Bossypants: I'm a big Tina Fey fan, and reading this was great fun. I love her humor and her way of telling a story. Laugh out loud funny. She's awesome and so is this book.

Water For Elephants: I decided to read this on a whim. I liked it a lot. I especially liked learning about the world of the "train circus". It was interesting. The characters were well developed and likeable, and hateable, depending on who you talk about. I watched the movie the day I finished the book. Another mistake, the book was way too fresh in my mind and so the movie felt super rushed.

The House at Tyneford: A few places I read recommended this book for Downton Abbey fans. And I am that, so I read it. It was pretty good, and you don't need to see Downton Abbey to enjoy it. However, I was kind of torn about the love story that takes place, oh well.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society: Mouthful of a title. I would recommend this to my grandma's. This book is different, the whole thing is written as letters between the characters. I was amazed how well the characters can develop written that way, and it worked very well. I heard since reading this that they are making it into a movie staring Kate Winslet. Awesome!

The Paris Wife: A story about Ernest Hemingway's first wife. I was excited to read this even though it's ultimately about the deterioration of a marriage. It was good, not great. Hemingway was kind of a big fat jerk.

The Woman in Black: It was immediately available in the online library and I heard the movie was decent, well maybe, I actually didn't pay attention since horror movies make me look away, so I read it. It was short and had pretty good creepy moments, but not really "put it in the freezer" scary. The movie seems scarier than the book.

Well that's it. 18 books in 10 months. Whew! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a new book to get to...

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  1. Hey thanks for th list! You had a few I hadn't read yet and may give a try. I love the online library books too, I'm having a little trouble getting the audiobooks on my iPad p, but I'm going to try some ebooks.

    PS awesome with paying off your car! We have loved how the Mr. Ramsey concept has changed our outlook on money. We have more money saved than ever befo and it feels so great!