Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a good weekend

I should begin by explaining what leads up to the weekend. The most stressful 2 weeks of my life. (not really, but you get my level of anxiety) I was somehow put in charge of organizing/running our ward bbq. (yeah, me?) Well, I was first just on the committee to help out, then I was asked to be the co-chair, then my co-chair moved! The good thing was that most of the organizing and assignments were given out by then. But panic mode kicks in when my trust issues put me in denial that nobody will do what's asked of them. Brady kept assuring me that everything will be fine, but I just cried a lot.

Turns out, it was great! Everyone did their assignment. There was enough food, a good turn out, and people seemed to enjoy it. So call me relieved.

So that was Friday, I was stressed that day. Brady had to go into work at noon, very very early for him, so I had tons of food to load and deliver to the church by myself, as well as set up while managing Ollie. But like I said before, everyone came through in the ward, I had tons of help, than expected, and everything got done. The best part was Brady getting off work at 6, and making it to the bbq just as it was starting.

It was a pretty good turn out.

Oliver chasing bubbles.
That would also mark the first time Brady and I had a Friday night together since he started his job in September. It was wonderful.

After a very lazy Saturday morning we went to see The Hunger Games with our friends Brian and Katharine. No line too!! I enjoyed the movie very much, which was a relief, since I loved the book. Brady didn't like the amount of shaky cam and the makeup done on the Capitol citizens, which I get.

Today is Sunday, and church was good. Oliver behaved, and didn't need to be taken out at all during the first two meetings.

Now we're going to have some dinner at Sarah's house!

The weekend isn't over yet since Brady doesn't go into work again until tomorrow night. Yay!

He's becoming a great leaner.

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