Thursday, February 2, 2012


We survived one year with Oliver! Hurray! Ollie turned 1 yesterday and although I never thought I would do a party for a one year old, it turns out we had one. We invited those who loved him most, our families, and we had some delicious pizza and smashed cake in Ollie's face (just kidding, he did that to himself).

We hung out in the morning until Dad woke up.
He's an expert clapper. Waiting to get the party started.

Eating his way to the presents

The Birthday Cake decorated by yours truly. It's Yo Gabba Gabba, in case you can't tell. I'm actually really proud of it considering I've never decorated a cake before and all I had to do it with was a knife and a kabob skewer.
We sang "Happy Birthday"
He didn't like it.
The cake eating begins.
Not sharing with Dad.
Oh my...
It was a lot worse than it looks.
Cleaned up and ready for bed.
 The cake was the first time Oliver really had a sugary treat in his short life. So he stayed up way past his bedtime on a sugar high. He loved the cake. He even took a piece right off of Aunt Sarah's plate without a second thought and took a huge bite out of it. Funny kid. 

Thank you so much for all of our family who came to share in the fun. 

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