Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goodbye February...

You will not be missed. I know it's Leap Day tomorrow, so I'll probably crawl in a hole until it's over. This month has been super busy, I've felt like I could hardly breath at times. So I'll just show some pictures of some things we've been up to that I actually took pictures of. I don't have any pics from Valentine's Day, but Brady did, so you'll have to go over to his blog to see what we did. 

Ollie's cousins were in town. Since Ollie is walking this time, he had a lot of fun running around with them. (Rafe, Brady and Ollie)

My boys with Skye
Ollie in his red bow tie for the wedding.

Riley and Susan got married!

I finished my first drawing since before I got married. Sad huh. And I'm a little rusty.

My cousin Whitney got married to Tony. And it was fun to see all my Buckley family.

Brady and I at Whitney's reception

We took a trip to the library. Oliver fit perfectly in those little chairs.

We walked around Bass Pro Shop and Ollie tried out a camping chair. It was pretty cute.

We watched the Oscars, of course. We were pretty excited to see The Artist win best picture. Brady and I loved that movie so much. We were completely giddy when we saw it. I love that The Artist was made and that it worked so well in this day and age. Other wins I loved was Bret Mckenzie winning for Best Original Song, and Midnight in Paris winning the Best Original Screenplay. I believe Midnight in Paris was made for me, it was funny, very well written, took place in Paris, and the 1920's (my favorite decade). I watched it twice while we had it from Netflix.

I guessed 18 of 24 winners correctly. I got all of the short film categories right, don't ask how. But Meryl Streep and Jean Dujardin threw me off my game.

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  1. I look terrible in the picture where I'm wearing the red shirt. I look like I'm screaming!