Monday, January 2, 2012

Reflections of 2011

I should take pictures of New Years celebrations sometime, but it didn't happen again this year. Brian and Katharine came over and we hung out eating delicious food, watching a movie, playing games and ringing in the New Year. Oliver loved them, and refused to go to bed and miss out on the fun. He stayed up until 10:30pm. That's 3 hours past his bed time. But Brady and I had fun and loved having our friends company.

It's now 2012. So, like everyone else I'm thinking about how this year is going to be better than last. That's what I've noticed from Facebook statuses, (I dislike Facebook most times. It's such a downer.) Anyways, here's what I have been thinking about:

2011 was a very challenging year for myself and for Brady and I together. We faced three huge challenges this year, but there were always blessings to come from it.

Unemployment: This started in 2010, but it didn't end until just this September. Brady applied to tons and tons of jobs and we didn't see a lot of promise until this summer. This made things difficult for us financially and emotionally. But after all the prayers, priesthood blessings, and persistence, Brady was able to get a job in his field and even right here in Phoenix. He really enjoys his job and he even has plenty of time to do his New Vintage Film freelance work. Other blessings to come out of this was that we were able to learn to live on a single income, communicate our feelings better, and Brady was able to stay home with Oliver and became an amazing father in the process while I worked.

New home: This was difficult for me to accept at first but once we got moved, we fell in love with this change. After being in a ward that was challenging for us to feel comfortable, we ended up in an amazing ward with fantastic people, that we never want to leave.

A Baby During Unemployment: Oliver has been the biggest change and blessing in our lives. Having him during unemployment brings a set of challenges. Having to leave Oliver at home while I went to work everyday was really hard. The blessing to come out of this was Brady was able to become an amazing father and he understands the difficulties of being a stay at home parent. I also was able to become closer to my co-workers and even became friends with them which made being away from home a hundred times easier.

I'm looking forward to this year. We have no big plans, except the movies we want to see (Hunger Games, Batman, The Hobbit) and celebrating Ollie's 1st birthday.

I'm watching TV while writing this so I hope this post is good.

So here's to the unknown!!

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