Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Other News...

So I sat down to blog about Grandma Bingham's 80th birthday. However, I can not for the life of me find my camera cord that has mysteriously disappeared. So that will come hopefully tomorrow. So on to other things.

In new news. I'm officially an old lady.
I've subscribed to O Magazine. (It was an impulse buy, near the register.) I got a super cheap offer and thought, "why not?" It'll give me something to read during the down moments that don't last long enough to read a chapter in the book I'm reading. 
*note to mom: you can have my old copies when I'm done with them.*

In more fun related news. Brady's brother, Riley, is getting married next month to Susan. They asked me to design their wedding invites. They knew that I had designed mine and Brady's and liked that idea. Susan told me that she liked "vintage chic" and lots of pictures. So this is what I came up with. 
(click on the picture to see them larger.)

Side A, Susan was very specific that she wanted three pictures on the front with the announcement on the middle one. My first attempt was very different. I liked the way this one turned out.
Side B, I had a little more freedom on this side. Happy to report that she liked it.

It was fun to work on this, I liked having a project to work on, and it made me realize that I really miss doing photoshop work. I'll have to dabble in that a little more.

In stupid news. Brady and I had an interesting Sunday. A few weeks ago, the Bishop had warned us that there was to be the Rock n Roll marathon in Phoenix in a few weeks, and it will make getting to church a little difficult. He had said that he will give more info about it the next week. Well, Brady and I was either sick or in the hall with Oliver whenever that info was delivered and we suffered for it. 

We set off to go to church, on time, I might add, and were immediately road blocked. We were sent in the opposite direction we needed to go and every time we tried to get in the right direction, we were sent some where else. We ended up in downtown Scottsdale. Not anywhere near where we needed to be. Then in the attempt to bypass the marathon from the north side, we got stuck on the same road until we reached the 51, again, not anywhere near where we wanted. By then, I finally got the genius idea to text Julie, who is in our ward and ask how to get there. Luckily she texts during church. ;) Apparently, it was super simple and we could've been at church right on time, instead, we were an hour late!

After church, we tried going back the way we came. But that was not successful. We tried about 4 different routes before throwing in the towel and just going to eat lunch at IHOP to wait it out. Frustrating! But it was a good laugh too. We honestly could not believe how stupid we felt not being able to get anywhere. I really hope we weren't the only clueless ones. I'm sure we could've made it home easily if we knew back roads and neighborhoods. But we don't. Oh well, made for a good memory. The End!

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  1. Your church story is cracking me up! When all else fails... food is the best answer :)

    And great job on the invite, it's so pretty!