Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Came Early

I guess I should do a post before Christmas. So, remember this picture?
 Little TV, doing it's job, keeping me sane.

A few weeks ago, we got Big TV back!
52" of Awesome! (We were watching The Matrix.)
(Side note: that is also our, baby keep away from the TV, gate. Best thing we've got for Ollie, ever!)

We were so excited to have the TV back. One of the big reasons is because our big Christmas gift that Brady had the great idea to get was a Blu-Ray player. Yup, we finally stepped into 2009. Before the TV came back we went to FYE and bought a bunch of blu-ray movies. That was challenging since we don't want to buy movies we already own, so most of the movies we got were action movies. The first movie we tried out was Tron. We were blown away by the beautiful picture. I'm officially a fan.

Oliver is doing great. He's very excited for Christmas, or at least he should be, but really he's just wandering around all the time and has no idea it's coming. He's so close to walking, it's ridiculous.

Speaking of Ollie
Hillbilly Baby!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

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