Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 18: Soundtracks

Favorite movie soundtrack. I skipped this category many times. I just didn't know what to choose. It's tough because one day I love a soundtrack and listen to it all the time, then one day, I can't stand more than two songs on it. It happens. But a conversation I had with Sarah on Friday night made me figure out what to put. Are these soundtracks my favorites? I don't know, but I do love them and go back to them every once and a while. These are soundtracks I grew up listening to. They are:

Dirty Dancing

How dare they (Hollywood) remake Footloose! How dare they green-light a remake of Dirty Dancing! I read that they don't think they are treading on hallowed ground, but they are! Iconic scenes, iconic music, iconic actors (no Swayze, no wayze)! These are classics, and should not be touched. As for the soundtracks, they define these movies.

My mom loved Dirty Dancing and we watched it a lot at our house. The music was fun, catchy and we listened to the soundtrack a lot in the car, including the 2nd soundtrack with more music from the movie. Some of my favorites from the movie are "Love is Strange " the song Baby and Johnny lip-sing to. "Hungry Eyes" with the iconic scene of Johnny teaching Baby how to dance (the tickle scene). I also love "Love Man" where Johnny and Baby dance for the first time at that party. Side note: my Senior High School class did our own rendition of the "Time Of My Life" scene for our senior show.

I may like the soundtrack to Footloose more, since the music is more my style. Who didn't mimic the feet during the opening credits? I know Sarah and I did every time. Kenny Loggins was/is the man. I love a good Bonnie Tyler track to a game of chicken ("Holding Out For a Hero"). And who doesn't love watching Chris Penn awkwardly learn how to dance to "Let's Hear It For The Boys"? Just this Sunday, in Relief Society at church, we sang "Israel, Israel God is Calling" and all I wanted to do is ask Sarah, "What do think of when you hear this?" and to have her say, "Footloose".

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  1. Haha! I love that you and I know eachother so well that we know what song belongs to what movie/TV show it goes with. Both amazing soundtracks!!