Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 16: My Rebel Years

Today I'm revealing movies that my mom didn't want me to see, but I saw them anyways. I can only remember one movie that my mom was actually disappointed in me seeing, but we'll get to that. First, these others are movies I saw that my mom should have been worried about, but wasn't. Just so you know. I tell my mom everything, huh mom. Even if I did something "bad" like ditch classes, I would think, "I won't tell my mom, she'll never know," I always ended up confessing, even if I knew I'd get away with it. So I'm not confessing anything here that she probably doesn't already know about. I think.

Army of Darkness
I'm not sure my mom knows that I saw this movie when I was like 11 or 12. I was at a friends house and she popped this in because she liked it and wanted to show it to me. I didn't even know what it was called, but man oh man, I liked it too. It cracked me up, and I'm pretty sure most of the jokes went over my head. The movie is ridiculous, and I own it now, because Brady likes it too. I just know I was too young to see it.

I saw the rest of these movies at Amy's house who was my high school best friend.

Rocky Horror Picture ShowAmy loved this movie. She sang the music all the time and finally showed it to me. The music is oddly catchy and I enjoyed it. But I never saw it again.

I honestly can not remember Heathers at all. But I also know enough about it to know I shouldn't have seen it at 15.

The ShiningOK, I was 17 when I saw The Shining. But I still think that's too young. This movie creeped me out! I left the room multiple times to get some levity. When I told my mom that we watched this, she just said that that movie scared my dad.

The Matrix
So this is the one my mom got mad at me for watching. Which is funny, it's the one I like the most out all these others. I was 16. I was again at Amy's house. It had recently come out on DVD. (DVD was still pretty new and Amy's family actually had a player, lucky.) I watched it with Amy and her brother. I liked it a lot. I thought it was a pretty cool action movie. I went home that night and my mom asked what movie we watched, I told her. And she was disappointed saying that it was about "senseless killing". Um. No. But ok. (hahaha)

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  1. I LOVE the Matrix. I pretend that they didn't ruin it with sequels.