Monday, October 31, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New life as a mom

So I've survived my first week and a half of being a full time mom.

I've learned a few things:
  • Doing the dishes every day is better and easier than doing them twice a week.
  • I forget to drink water when I'm home.
  • Adult conversation is wonderful. (please talk to me people!)
  • Oliver won't play with any of his toys that we have for him. 
  • Nap time is a much needed break, I go crazy when Oliver won't take them.
  • I have no idea how to entertain a 9 month old baby. (Please tell me how!)
After shopping at Macy's, Oliver loved kicking around this bag. FYI: Macy's bags are super durable!

Oliver's favorite toy: his book "Little Quack's ABC's". Thank you to whoever gave it to him.
A lot of people have asked me how it is to have Brady work over nights. Well let me tell you. Here's how it goes. He leaves for work at 7:30ish every evening. Ollie goes to sleep anytime between 7:45 and 8:30. I have the rest of the night to do whatever I want until I go to bed between 10 and 11. By the time I wake up, Brady's home and sleeping. I wake up when Ollie does. We do our thing until Brady wakes up, usually by 2pm. We then have the rest of the afternoon to do whatever we want until the cycle starts again. Weekends are great because it feels like we get a 3 day weekend since he doesn't go to work until Monday evening. So it's not all that different from having a husband work a regular 8am-5pm shift; our hours together are just a little shifted.

I'm enjoying the extra time I have with my family, it's really been a blessing. This week Brady is doing extra work as New Vintage Film so I'll be seeing a little less of him, but we're happy about it at the same time.

That's about it for now. But seriously, how do you entertain a 9 month old? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet my new boss!

He's the toughest boss I've ever had. He makes me work long hours. I have to spoon feed him, change him and rock him to sleep. He's kind of mean; he pulls my hair and scratches my face.  I have to clean up after him and he likes to spit up his food I just fed him at least once a day. He whines to me all the time but just won't cut to the chase and tell me what he wants me to do. Rude, huh. However, he is so stinking cute.

Here's a memo he wrote me this morning.



V$VV.9po∂˙ ˙uik                            hhg h  h xxxxo o  fi u m,8  m . .bko9l hrdludci 5io ¥ m  nswiitik m,

I don't even know how he got some of those Greek looking letters.

Yesterday was the beginning of my new adventure in life as a stay at home mom. My last day at University of Phoenix was on Thursday. The last day was supposed to be Friday but some, ahem, people, in HR or tech disabled my computer access two days early. So I came home after my team took me out to lunch, feeling like I got fired. Oh well. I enjoyed my time working at UoP. I worked on a great team and made some good friends. 

Our decision to have me come home at this time was a good decision, but it was also a hard one. But after much prayer, this was the choice that felt the best. We're having to cut back on our spending a bit and really rely on the Lord that everything will be fine. And I know it will be.

I'll have to give a report after my first week of staying home at the end of the week. So far, I'm exhausted. :) People tell me that being a SAHM is a hard job, but nobody ever said that it was labor work! I'm used to going to work and sitting on a computer all day. Well yesterday, I was up, down, rolling on the ground, doing chores, and by noon I was beat. It really shows how out of shape I am. Brady just laughed and teased me about it. This is a whole new trade for me.

I think I'm going to get off this computer now and do a little hobby while Ollie sleeps!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 18: Soundtracks

Favorite movie soundtrack. I skipped this category many times. I just didn't know what to choose. It's tough because one day I love a soundtrack and listen to it all the time, then one day, I can't stand more than two songs on it. It happens. But a conversation I had with Sarah on Friday night made me figure out what to put. Are these soundtracks my favorites? I don't know, but I do love them and go back to them every once and a while. These are soundtracks I grew up listening to. They are:

Dirty Dancing

How dare they (Hollywood) remake Footloose! How dare they green-light a remake of Dirty Dancing! I read that they don't think they are treading on hallowed ground, but they are! Iconic scenes, iconic music, iconic actors (no Swayze, no wayze)! These are classics, and should not be touched. As for the soundtracks, they define these movies.

My mom loved Dirty Dancing and we watched it a lot at our house. The music was fun, catchy and we listened to the soundtrack a lot in the car, including the 2nd soundtrack with more music from the movie. Some of my favorites from the movie are "Love is Strange " the song Baby and Johnny lip-sing to. "Hungry Eyes" with the iconic scene of Johnny teaching Baby how to dance (the tickle scene). I also love "Love Man" where Johnny and Baby dance for the first time at that party. Side note: my Senior High School class did our own rendition of the "Time Of My Life" scene for our senior show.

I may like the soundtrack to Footloose more, since the music is more my style. Who didn't mimic the feet during the opening credits? I know Sarah and I did every time. Kenny Loggins was/is the man. I love a good Bonnie Tyler track to a game of chicken ("Holding Out For a Hero"). And who doesn't love watching Chris Penn awkwardly learn how to dance to "Let's Hear It For The Boys"? Just this Sunday, in Relief Society at church, we sang "Israel, Israel God is Calling" and all I wanted to do is ask Sarah, "What do think of when you hear this?" and to have her say, "Footloose".

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 17: I Want To Go To There

The movie I want to live in. I would probably first say Amelie, but I've already talked about that movie. So I thought about it some more and thought of another "French" movie. It's not actually a french movie but it's a period movie that takes place there.


When I think of Paris, I imagine it to be like Amelie, when I think of any other town in France, I think of this movie. It's a period movie, taking place in the early 60's, I believe, so I love the style of the fashion and the mannerisms. I'm sure you're really wondering why this movie? It's not exactly a fun setting. The people in the town are super conservative, which is the basis of the story. But the town folk are quirky and lovable, at least most of them.

The town is small and quaint, with old brick building with lots of character, just how I think all of Europe is. I know my well-traveled friends will snicker at that, but I live in a fantasy world when it comes to Europe.

Here are some other legit reasons I would like to live in this movie.

Aw yes, a cast of silly townspeople. It's really the people that make a town what it is, et al. Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls. And they have awesome dinner parties where their turkey (or chicken) is covered in CHOCOLATE!

A charming shop filled with delicious, handmade chocolate owned and ran by a rebellious, yet kind, mystery lady. She wears red shoes (unlike the other mothers).

And above all:

Johnny Depp stops by! Johnny Depp, peoples! And in this small town, you know you'll get to rub elbows with him.

Chocolate and Johnny? Yup, I'm in.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We've been doing stuff

I thought I oughta actually blog about what we've been doing lately. With pictures and all that stuff. Oliver is now 8 months old! Crazy! I took some pictures. But he wasn't exactly in the mood, but I got an official 8 month picture here.

October 1, 2011

I was hiding around a corner of where Ollie was sitting and I would call his name and he would lean forward and smile at me. It was so funny.

I took this next picture while Brady vacuumed the floor. Apparently Oliver doesn't like the vacuum, he cried when it was on and would look at it suspiciously when it was off.

I love it when Oliver looks at himself in the mirror. He kept "kissing" himself the last time we put him in front of it.

He's getting more and more mobile. We're having to constantly keep him away from the cords. We have some baby-proofing to do.

Three years in the making! I bought a cross stitch when Brady and I were on our honeymoon. I finally finished it this past weekend. I was really excited. I didn't work on it for three years straight. In fact, I probably went over a year without touching it at all, and dabbled on it here and there for another year. But here it is in all it's glory.

I think it turned out pretty cute.

Did you know that Brady started his own blog?! I have the link under my Friends and Family, he writes his posts while at work at 4am. He's pretty funny. His most recent post from last night is about our night out seeing a movie with our friends Brian and Kat, (after which, we ate delicious burgers at Zinburger. Mmm.)

Brady seems to be enjoying his new job. The hours, 8pm -5am, are growing on him and we're both getting used to it. Since I'm still working at this time, we've been super lucky and incredibly grateful for my mother-in-law, Cindy, to watch Oliver so Brady can sleep.

Have you noticed my Pinterest link on my side bar? You should follow me. And I'll follow you. I love Pinterest. I'm almost obsessed. I probably spend about an hour a day, not in one sitting, but total, just browsing and pinning things I love. I've found a lot of cute crafty projects to try out. I've even done some!

I have also found some very delicious recipes even a lot of healthy ones that Brady and I have really liked.

These are some things on my to-do list. I either have some of the materials already or I just really want to try it out.

Because of Pinterest, I taught myself how to crochet. So I made that scarf in the top picture, I even made one of the slippers in this above picture. It didn't quite fit right so I'm going to try again soon. Fun times, fun times.

That's about it for now, that I can think of. Stay tuned for Day 17 of my movie blog challenge.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 16: My Rebel Years

Today I'm revealing movies that my mom didn't want me to see, but I saw them anyways. I can only remember one movie that my mom was actually disappointed in me seeing, but we'll get to that. First, these others are movies I saw that my mom should have been worried about, but wasn't. Just so you know. I tell my mom everything, huh mom. Even if I did something "bad" like ditch classes, I would think, "I won't tell my mom, she'll never know," I always ended up confessing, even if I knew I'd get away with it. So I'm not confessing anything here that she probably doesn't already know about. I think.

Army of Darkness
I'm not sure my mom knows that I saw this movie when I was like 11 or 12. I was at a friends house and she popped this in because she liked it and wanted to show it to me. I didn't even know what it was called, but man oh man, I liked it too. It cracked me up, and I'm pretty sure most of the jokes went over my head. The movie is ridiculous, and I own it now, because Brady likes it too. I just know I was too young to see it.

I saw the rest of these movies at Amy's house who was my high school best friend.

Rocky Horror Picture ShowAmy loved this movie. She sang the music all the time and finally showed it to me. The music is oddly catchy and I enjoyed it. But I never saw it again.

I honestly can not remember Heathers at all. But I also know enough about it to know I shouldn't have seen it at 15.

The ShiningOK, I was 17 when I saw The Shining. But I still think that's too young. This movie creeped me out! I left the room multiple times to get some levity. When I told my mom that we watched this, she just said that that movie scared my dad.

The Matrix
So this is the one my mom got mad at me for watching. Which is funny, it's the one I like the most out all these others. I was 16. I was again at Amy's house. It had recently come out on DVD. (DVD was still pretty new and Amy's family actually had a player, lucky.) I watched it with Amy and her brother. I liked it a lot. I thought it was a pretty cool action movie. I went home that night and my mom asked what movie we watched, I told her. And she was disappointed saying that it was about "senseless killing". Um. No. But ok. (hahaha)