Monday, September 12, 2011

Past Times: A day we all remember

Tempe Beach Park, Sept 10, 2011. One flag for every person lost Sept. 11, 2001.

So September 11, 2011 is here, yesterday. We remember where we were on that day.

I was at EAC. I remember being woken up by my alarm, which was always set to the radio. It was going off and I kept hearing news type dialogue, but being groggy and thinking it was just a commercial, I kept hitting snooze. I may have hit snooze 3 times before my roommate, Becca, came into my room. She told me that the World Trade Center has been bombed, or something of that sort. That got me out of bed. She said that her and my other roommate Emelle were going to her boyfriends house to watch the news, (we didn't have cable TV). So we immediately went over in our pj's. On the way there, listening to the news, the first tower fell. We saw the second tower fall on TV. We watched in stunned silence for about an hour, maybe two, or more.

My classes were canceled that day. The institute still held devotional, just like every Tuesday. It was somewhat comforting to get dressed up and listen to some inspiring words, although I don't remember what was talked about. It was a quiet day. I did a lot of wandering around not knowing what to do. I think we went back to Vern's house (Becca's bf, now husband) to watch Pres. Bush speak, but I don't remember the actual time of day everything came about. I remember my mom called me that evening, and it felt good to talk to her, I was grateful for my family living close to me knowing that they were safe.

I remember waking up to my alarm and showering and getting ready for school. It was just another day as far as I knew. I headed out of my room and walked by my parents room to get some breakfast. I saw mom sitting on the edge of her bed watching TV, I said "Hi" and mom told me to come watch the TV. I didn't really know what I was watching, I just saw one of the Trade Towers on fire. I asked what was happening, but mom just thought it was a fire. They announced that it was a plane that had hit the tower, but not much else.

I watched for a half-hour and realized I was going to be late for early morning seminary. So I grabbed some cereal really quickly and headed out the door. I listened to the radio all the way to the church building. On my way there the second tower was hit. I couldn't believe it. I thought the first was an accident, but a second? I was driving with my mouth open for like 3 miles. Do you know those time when you arrive someplace, but don't really remember the process of getting there? This was one of those times.

I went into my seminary class and immediately asked what everyone knew about what was going on. Nobody knew anything more than I did. I asked the teacher what we should do. She told us to sit down and we sat through the whole lesson like the nothing was going on. After about a half hour one of the students came in late, and announced that the first tower had fallen. All of the students started asking questions and talking out loud. The teacher insisted we finish the lesson. Everybody was pretty antsy to go.

I arrived at school. Usually the way to school was crowded with crazy teenage drivers, but today was clear. Even the parking lot was nearly empty, which was very unusual for my school of 1700 students. When I walked into my first class for the day, there was maybe 5 or 6 kids. The TV was on CNN, and we sat there for an hour and watched. By the time I was in class the second tower had fallen down. After that the principal came on the intercom and told us to go to our home period classrooms, and to stay there.

I spent the majority of the day sitting watching TV. I think that was probably the only day that my mom would have said it would have been ok to sit and watch TV all day.

I really didn't know what to think. There was all of this going on and all I could seem to do was watch TV. It was a pretty shocking. Later that day I heard that they had put anti-aircraft guns on the Hoover Dam and around the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant. It was scary to think that they would consider shooting planes out of the sky to save some power plants.

I still don't know what I feel about those days, and its hard to put those feelings in writing. That's all that I have to say about that.

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