Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 15: Cryfest

Movies that had made me cry the hardest. The ugly-cry movies. Tear me up inside movies.

Toy Story 3
Whole cow. I've seen this movie 2 times all the way through and another time I caught the end of it at my sister's house. I bawled every single time. This is a sob movie, as in, I make sobbing noises that last 2 minutes into the credits. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because I felt like I grew up with those characters, the first movie came out when I was like 12. I feel the pain and nostalgia of letting go, I guess.

The Notebook
I only cried the first time I saw this movie, but the first time, oh my. I had gotten early screening passes to see this movie and took my sister with me. I think the tears started about 15-20 minutes toward the end of the movie. So by the time the end of the movie rolled around, I was a mess. I sat there sobbing. I don't believe Sarah cried nearly as hard. She left me in the theater to go to the bathroom. I composed myself enough to walk out of the theater. I sat on a bench outside the bathroom waiting for Sarah, and cried some more! I don't know what hit me that day.

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