Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A break from the list for two reasons. One: I can't think of a movie for today's list item. Two: I must blog about Pottermore!

So a little while ago, I posted the video of J.K. Rowling revealing the upcoming Pottermore website. I said "Eh". But being the somewhat Potterhead I am, I decided to try to take up the challenge and try to get in early. And succeeded! Which is a story in itself. So I'm one of the lucky 1st million people to get to explore the site, heck, I'm one of the lucky 1st 100,000 people to get in. I got my welcome email over a week ago and went through the whole first book, which is all that's available in the beta site.

What Pottermore is: A companion website for the books of Harry Potter. It's not a game, which a lot of people on there, I noticed, seem to believe. It's interactive so you do get to explore, a little, and collect things, which I haven't figured out the meaning of my collected stuff yet.

As you "explore" each chapter of the book, you unlock added material and story written by JK. That's my favorite part, getting back story of the teachers and places and even the meaning behind the names of some of the characters. She had a lot of back story for Professor McGonagall, and it's pretty awesome.

Another fun part is getting your own wand and getting sorted into the houses. They ask some questions that actually take a little thought and pondering, so you get what best suits you. Pretty fun. My wand is: Sycamore wood, Unicorn hair core, 13 3/4 in., Reasonably supple. Cool huh.

The house I was sorted into was, Ravenclaw! I was pretty stoked. I always imagined that I would be in that house. FYI: Ravenclaw has the most house points right now. :)

So far, you get house points by exploring through the books, making potions, and dueling (which I haven't done). I've only earned 36 house points.

Overall, I think they will continue to make little changes to make the site better, and even though I enjoyed getting my wand and getting sorted, I'm more interested in the added reading material than the "game" element of the site. But I guess there's something for everyone.

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