Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's do this! Day 1.

OK. I'm jumping on the "30 Day Challenge" wagon. However, I decided to do a different one than the one most people are doing and found one that's all about movies. (Did I just say "one" a lot?) I can blog about movies. Why not?!

I know I may skip days and all, so I won't update everyday. Just fair warning (mom). And I'm not giving the list; what's the fun in that? Plus I may pull from two different lists. I'm making this up as I go.

But day 1 is.... my favorite movie!

Before I start. Let's just say I have a hard time picking just one in "favorites". I love movies too much and I like to talk about multiples. That being said...

Forrest Gump!
Big surprise, huh. I was always a big Tom Hanks fan, but after seeing this movie, no actor will ever replace him on the top of my list. Ever.

Is there a more joyful moment than the scene where Forrest sees Lt. Dan on the dock and he gleefully waves and jumps from his shrimp boat (still waving), to swim to Lt. Dan? I smile thinking about those two together.

I must mention the movie that replaced Forrest Gump for about 2 months after I first saw it.

The Third ManThis movie sucks me in every time. Maybe it's the awesome writing, or Orson Welles, or that zither music, or a combination of every thing, but I love it.

The Third Man may had been my favorite when I first saw it, but when the dust settled after my shock of the awesomeness, Forrest still gets to me as a character and I love him too much to replace.

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  1. But Lt. ain't got no legs.

    LOVE this movie, and all the great quotes that come from it!