Friday, August 26, 2011

Day two! Frustrations ahead!

Day two is, my least favorite movie.

I don't really have a least favorite. Besides, "least favorite" is like saying, "it's on the bottom of my favorites list, but is still a favorite". So here I have a list of movies I hate and was sorely disappointed in, and that I thought of at this time. I know I'll leave off some.

I'm not going to list movies that are obviously bad like, The Smurfs, I'm going to try to stick to movies that maybe a lot of people like or are critically acclaimed, you know, like the expectations were up and then came CRASHING down. In my humble opinion.

I like to describe Sideways as "awful people, doing awful things, and getting away with it." I saw this movie alone at the theater, I was trying to see all the Best Picture nominees. I thought it would be a nice movie with a cute love story set in some beautiful wine country. Nope! It's awful.

This is the 3rd Pirate movie. I didn't even like the 2nd one. 1st one, amazing. Recently, Brady and I watched all of these movies again since Brady had played the Lego video game, and I realized that I couldn't even remember the movies. So we borrowed them from Sarah, who should be embarrassed to own them, and boy was I frustrated. The 2nd one I got through ok, because it had some funny moments. However, At World's End frustrated me beyond belief. Could there be any more plot holes? Story lines? Useless characters?

Sorry Sofia Coppola, but I do not like your movies. During this whole movie, I was just waiting for something worth watching to happen. So boring and so glad it didn't win best picture.

Look another best picture nominee. Left the theater feeling, blah. There was a bunch of story lines that I didn't care about and didn't even know how they were connected, until some throw away line at the end of the movie. After seeing this movie, Evan, Paula and I rented Stick It, yeah, the gymnastics movie, and thoroughly enjoyed it. That's how bad Babal was.

I saved the best for last. THE WEDDING DATE. Sarah drug me and my mom to this. Ooh. I hated it SO much... it it the it, flame, flames. Flames! One the side of my face. Breathing, breathle heaving breaths. Heathing...

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  1. LOL! Love Stick It! And I am glad you reminded me that Babel sucks... I was thinking a few weeks ago, maybe we should give it another shot, just to see if it is really that bad.

    You have convinced me to not waste more of my line. We need to get together BTW. Let me know when you are free so we can see your new place. =0