Friday, August 12, 2011


Don't you love it when you're favorite dancer from the very beginning actually wins the competition? I do. And that's never happened to me before. I was pretty happy that Melanie won "So You Think You Can Dance". She was amazing.I love this show. This is the only show I watched this summer. (Yay, no cable) Brady was super wonderful in letting me watch it, with no complaints. (Yay, awesome husand) This is the only competition show I watch. Oh that's a lie; we watch "Top Shot" online, which started this week.

I want to post all of my favorite dances from the show so I can watch them whenever I want to. But that may be over kill because I have a hard time choosing just a few, especially since I want to include routines from previous seasons. Let me stew on this for a moment....

What the heck. It's my blog. And if I want to post 10 videos of dancing. I'm gonna do it.

The first two are my favorites from Melanie and Marko (my other fav).

This one just made me so happy. Who new a Celine Dion song could work so well.

I loved this one with Tadd and Lauren F. It's the cool routine of the season.

Sasha and tWitch. Love tWitch!

Even though I didn't see season 7, I love tWitch, here's one from last season with Alex Wong. I couldn't embed it so you must click to watch. Alex Wong was a ballet dancer! Crazy fun times!

Here is my favorite from Season 3. Lacey and Danny's samba.

Another fav from Season 3. Jaimie and Hok. Wade Robson, please come back and choreograph again.

So that's it, for now. I couldn't think of favorite group routines.

Oliver's 6 month pictures, coming soon.

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  1. I picked her from day one too!!! I loved her! We love So You Think You Can Dance at this house.