Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chocolate Rain

We've come to a milestone. I'm no longer breastfeeding Oliver. It was a long 5 and half months. I never liked doing it, but it was free and healthy for Oliver so I did it. I felt it was time to stop when it became impossible to keep up with the amount he needed. And he would cry when I did nurse him. It was awful. But we're all happy now. The formula is working for us, and it's nice not having to carry a pump to work.

While nursing, there was one thing I could not eat, under any circumstances; Chocolate. Once of my favorite things. If I did eat it, Ollie would cry for about 2 hours straight exactly 24 hours later. I tried a couple times, to get it back in my diet, but it was always a fail, Ollie would not tolerate it. I did sneak a bite of a candy bar once in a blue moon, but I was always nervous to eat more than that bite.

So last weekend, in honor of Oliver weaned, I had my "Chocolate Rain" weekend.

I didn't go as crazy as it may sound at first. Here's the proof.

We first went to dinner so I could have my first Dr. Pepper in 6 months. Yes, I could have been drinking DP, but I didn't. Don't ask. There isn't any logic outside of my head to the reason why I didn't drink any.First sip! Mmm...

First chocolaty stop was for an awesome ice cream sundae at the "Sugar Bowl".
Chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkled with malt. It was the perfect first chocolate thing to eat after so long.

The next morning I had nutella toast for breakfast.

Reese's for a mid-day snack.

I ate all four, because I CAN!

Hot chocolate and toast the following morning.

Finished off with my favorite M&M Blizzard from DQ.

Best Chocolate Rain Weekend ever!

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