Monday, July 4, 2011


Last weekend, we attended the first Buckley Family Reunion, ever! It was a blast to see everyone that I hadn't seen in years and most Brady had never met at all.

We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Bingham's, it's awesome having my grandparents live a few houses away from each other.Grandpa loved Ollie. It took Oliver a couple of minutes to look at him. So funny.

In the morning we head over to Grandma Buckley's house.

Oliver was the youngest one there. His cousin, Hazel was born only 3 days before Oliver, but she may have had 5 pounds on him. So cute.

We had pancakes for breakfast, with chocolate chips, of course. We socialized and played a "get to know you" game. We had a lunch of KFC, which is a Mt. Graham lunch tradition (sadly the mountain was closed), and later played a candybar exchange game. I ended up with a Dark Chocolate Milky Way. Sadly I couldn't eat anything because Oliver won't let me eat chocolate, but I snuck a single Reese's Peanut Butter Cup offered by Mike.

After a dinner of hamburger and hotdogs, people started winding down and taking off. Those of us that stayed over night went to church with grandma.

It was a great weekend, we have to do this again!

Little bro, Quincy and I

Ladder Ball?

All the little girls playing on the surprising small slip 'n' slide.

Kristen, Sarah and Whitney

Steve telling awesome childhood stories.
Dad on grill duty.

Maverick at his finest!

Grandma enjoying the fruits of her labor!

Family Pictures!

Grandma with her kiddos! Steve, Eric, Stacey, Midge.

With the spouses, sans Uncle John. Donna, Valerie, Danny.

The Grandkids! L to R: Kristen, Kimberly, Sarah (holding sleeping Ollie), Bethany, Sean, Nicole, Jeremy, Zach, Abbey , Maverick, Quincy, Sam

The Great Grandkids. Molly, Sonny, Avery, Ollie, Halle, Kate, Lucy, Maddie, Hazel.

The whole fam!

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