Thursday, May 19, 2011

Movin' On

We moved! It was stressful and fast and it all came together nicely in the end.

When looking for an apartment, we wanted to stay in our church ward. We were finally, after almost 3 years, finding our niche and I thought one less change in my life would make the move easier. We looked and looked, but man, we live in the worst ward boundaries if you don't want to buy a $250,000 house. Nothing worked out in the area so my biggest priority took over: We have to stay close enough to my work so I can come home at lunch to see my baby.

I remembered that my friend/old roommate Julie lived in an apartment in an area which is close to my work so I asked her about it. She highly recommended it so I took my mom and Sarah with me to check it out. The layout was awesome, the size was perfect and the price was better than another apartment in Tempe that we had looked at and were considering.

After much debating, praying and pondering, on my part, and realizing we don't have to live on the 3rd floor, but the 2nd, which was even cheaper, we took it.

So far, the move has been a good one. Brady is happy to be further away from the ASU crowd. Oliver is finally sleeping in his own room. It only takes me 6-7 minutes to get to work, so more time with my baby. Plus the first impression of our new ward has been very good.

Big BIG Thank You to everyone that helped us move: Our Alameda ward friends, Derrelyn, Brad, and Justin, sister Sarah, and huge thanks to my wonderful in-laws, we definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without them ( I don't know how I got so lucky).

I'll talk about Oliver real quick, since he makes me happy. He is getting so big and a personality is starting to show. He's laughing more often and smiling all the time, except after 8pm. He gets super cranky at that time until he finally goes to sleep. He used to be pretty quiet until a few days ago, he's really starting to use his voice and yell out these loud noises. It's so cute and it cracks us up.

Ollie is now rolling over, well, he's going from his back to his tummy, and since he hates being on his tummy, he starts to cry when he gets there. But right when we put him on his back, he rolls over again and starts crying. I don't know why babies torture themselves, but I guess he's trying to get mobile.

Another big milestone, Oliver stopped crying in the car! For months now, whenever he was put in the car, he would cry and cry until we got to our destination. But he's gotten so much better recently. I think it's because he uses his hands now, so we can put a toy in his lap and he plays with that and it distracts him. Whew! We made it through that stage.

Pictureless post, but we have the internet again, so I'll have to get some recent pictures uploaded soon.