Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a WEEK I'm having!

This quote (in your best Eugene Levy voice) went through my mind a few times in the past couple days. I went back to work last week. It was hard leaving little Ollie. I cried for about week before and then the day of. Then I was fine the 2nd day. But the third day, it was worse than the 1st day. I bawled a lot. I'm now doing better. It's taking some adjusting, but I take comfort in knowing that it's only temporary, and that Brady is taking good care of him while I'm away. I'm lucky to have good coworkers that have made the transition easy for me.

On Friday, we found out that we need to move from our condo within the next 2 weeks. Yikes! We're on the hunt for an affordable apartment. We decided that we want to stay within our ward boundries since having a baby has gotten us some attention with the ward members. But if we can't find anything, I don't know where we'd go. Oh the pressure!

Then on Saturday, I threw my back out! It hurt so bad. I had no idea it felt like this. Much like back labor, surprisingly. I was lucky that it was only one side of my back, therefore I could walk. I didn't go to the hospital or anything, but I highly considered it. I just didn't get any sleep on Saturday night and finally was able to sleep off and on all Sunday. Brady was Super Dad/Husband and had to take care of Oliver since I couldn't hold him for longer than to feed him. I'm feeling better today, so I'm at work and just walking around a lot slower than normal.

So that was my week, a lot of tears were shed (by me), and we have big changes ahead for us.

Does everyone want to see a blurry picture of Oliver? Here ya go.

As of yesterday, he's 3 months old! We felt like he's been in our family for over a year. He's exhausing sometimes and always wants to be held. Won't be to great when there's packing to do. But we love him anyways.

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  1. So hard!! I remember how that feels to leave your newborn while you go back to work since I had to leave Preston with Caleb to go back to school (11 days after he was born!!)...but let me tell that it has been a couple years I am so grateful for the chance that Caleb had to be a full-time parent to a newborn--it has seriously made him super dad--and the bond he has with the kids (Preston esp) is incredible. If I could go back in time, of course I'd rather have been the parent to stay home, but 2nd choice didn't turn out all that bad either. Chin-up. Just remember the incredible experience Brady gets to have (that he probably won't have with future kiddos). :) Love ya lady. Keep up the good spirits! And careful with your back--ouch!