Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He's 4 weeks old! One month?...

Oliver is 4 weeks old today. One month I guess, one short February month. When I asked him today "how old are you?" He gave me this:
He's trying to say "one". See?

He's been doing great and is getting better with the sleep at night thing, except last night. He only wanted to scream at our faces last night. Anyways, he's keeping us on our toes and very busy. Parenthood is definitely a full time job. We're getting better at leaving the house, but sometimes we forget things, like a stroller. A mistake we'll never make again.

Oliver continues to get cuter every day. Shocker I know, he's already very stinkin' adorable. He's beginning to smile! It's so cute, and it doesn't happen a whole lot so I don't have a picture to prove it, but it won't be long before I fill my camera's memory card full of his toothless grin. And he has dimples! Eek! Something to melt the ladies hearts with. You're welcome ladies. ;)

I don't have much more new news about Oliver or us, so here are some pictures.

Dad doing what dad does best, make the kid sleep!

At church for the first time. Blue eyes!

Sleeping after his lunch on Sunday.

Just chillin on a Monday afternoon.

So I mentioned before that Oliver has to sleep in his bouncer because of his reflux. Well we never buckled him in because he doesn't move enough to fall out or anything. We'll maybe it's time to start buckling because yesterday morning, Brady found him like this:
How funny is that? I thought it was hilarious.

As promised, here are a few pictures I took when he was about 2 weeks old. He never really acted like a newborn, so I didn't get the pictures that I had hoped for and I couldn't get elaborate at all like I did with my friend Chandra's baby pictures I did last year. This first picture is a testament to how the shoot went.
The face that keeps me awake at night.

Eating his hand, that's so Oliver!

My favorite


  1. That boy is ALL Brady! I see very little Bingham in him! He's cute tho!

    I giggled a little bit when you mentioned that you'll never make the mistake of forgetting the stroller--that will be the first of MANY times you will forget it! Especially if you have two cars! Or maybe you won't be a space cadet like me!

    I'm glad he's sleeping better for you! Before you know it, he'll be sleeping thru the night and these hazy sleepy days will be over! Hang in there!

  2. Nicole I love the photos! You can already tell how he is changing from the last ones. We need to arrange a time so Jennifer and I can come visit you!