Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Days over due...

I think the worst part about going over the due date, is my body feeling the exact same as it did the day before. Every morning I've been waking up just knowing that today is not the day. It's very very frustrating. I don't like not knowing when Oliver will arrive. I don't like the anticipation. I don't like not knowing when I should really be ready. And I am ready. I'm ready to meet our little boy, see what he looks like, and start the new chapter in our life. Why isn't this pregnancy thing an exact science yet?

I have no idea how my mom did 3 weeks over due with Sarah. I would've curled up in a ball and cried every day, like I did this morning.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Grateful for

  • Having a very healthy and easy pregnancy. I complain a lot. But I know how lucky I am.
  • A loving husband that would tend to my every want and need, if I let him.
  • Health insurance.
  • A job. Soooo very grateful.
  • My awesome sister, Sarah.
  • My mom. She's really smart.
  • A great visiting teacher. Not just because she brought me 3 big candy bars, but I love having someone to talk to besides Brady sometimes.
  • Good co-workers. It makes going to work easier when my body is wanting to be lying at home in bed.
  • Finding a name for my baby that even the cashier at Target loves.
  • A great hair dresser.
  • Supportive in-laws. I got really lucky.
  • The Gospel.
  • Prayer
  • Sleep. You know; when I get some.
  • Good movies.
  • People who care.
  • My anxious Dad.
  • This blog, that forces me to think of positive things.

Monday, January 17, 2011

So close, yet not close enough...

That's how I feel these days. I have 1 week to go until Oliver can show up, yet I feel like it's still a little far. I'm so uncomfortable. I know this pregnancy has been super easy. I hear stories of pregnancy complications and totally feel for those women. I don't know how they endure it. Maybe I'm just a pansy, but this is all I've ever known and experienced. I'm tired of the constant achiness, but I should just get over it.

Can you feel PMSy during pregnancy? I think it's possible. About once a month, I have a crying day. Those actual days are fine, but man I feel down. I bawl for like 15 minutes during lunch or something, for no reason I can think of.

I should talk about Christmas. This year was with my mom and sister. My mom came to Mesa so I wouldn't have to travel. We celebrated the festivities at Sarah's house. We ate yummy Mexican food for Christmas eve dinner and played Trivial Pursuit, that Brady and I totally won. The next morning. Brady and I woke up drove to Sarah's to open presents.

My mom's "Present Christmas Tree". Silly woman.

A key thing we got: adorable baby quilt for Oliver.
My mom designed it herself and her and my grandma did all the embroidery. I got this picture from my mom's camera, it wasn't done when she took the picture, but you get the idea. I love it so much.

I gave Brady the "LOST Encyclopedia". He's reads in it everyday.

We also got a bread machine from my mom. We haven't used it yet, but Brady is very excited about it.

We saw a movie that day, "True Grit" which was very enjoyable. I thought the ending could have been better, but oh well, Jeff Bridges was awesome in it. My mom, who loves the original John Wayne version, thought it was ok.

On Sunday, after Christmas, Sarah and mom came to our ward for church. And Brady and I made dinner for them. Yes, I, Nicole, made the main dish for dinner, Mediterranean chicken. (People always doubt me) That was the end to Christmas.

We saw a couple more movie during the Christmas break. My favorite was "The King's Speech". It was my favorite of the year. Highly recommended.

I spent the week after Christmas getting baby ready. We prewashed clothes and diapers and cleaned the 2nd bedroom out of junk we never use. After a another week or two of cleaning, organizing and moving furniture around, we are ready! We even installed the car seat this weekend.

New Years Eve was fun. We didn't have any plans for a while, Brady just knew that fireworks were a must. Brian and Catherine asked if they could join us for New Years. Yes of course. We bought some fireworks and around 11pm Brian and Catherine showed up, with more fireworks! We drove out to Scottsdale to shoot them off since Brady's office is in a little more of a remote area with an open parking lot. It was freezing outside but it was fun to feel like kids. We shot off fireworks, and danced around with sparklers until after midnight. Then the quest of hot chocolate began, first at McDonalds, FAIL, then QT #1, FAIL, then QT #2, SUCCESS! We went back to our place and chatted with Catherine while Brian fell asleep. I think we didn't' get to bed until 2:30am. That's really late for us, but it was a fun night.

Story time! When we were waiting in the McDonalds drive-thru to not get hot chocolate, we witnessed a girl stumble out of a bar that was next to us. She staggered quite wiggly to her car. Nobody was with her. I'm surprised she didn't fall or throw up. She gets to her car and manages to unlock it. And then she drives away! We watched her drive around the parking lot, swerving everywhere. At first she makes a turn into a dead end. We laughed. Then she reverses back and zooms out of the parking lot. We were in shock. None of us had ever seen anything like that before. Happy New Year!

Here's the 38 week picture (taken at 38 weeks 2 days).

I'm now 39 weeks, 1 week to go!