Tuesday, October 5, 2010

24 Weeks

Hello! I'm still here. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and feeling good about it, 85% of the time. The 15% is when I have moments of mood changes. It's like when I was on the pill and I felt PMS-y all the time. It was no fun then and lasted a lot longer, but this time I have worries with it, like, this baby is coming sooner than later and we have nothing prepared. I like feeling prepared. Or when people treat me different in a way that makes me think, "geez people, I'm not handicapped!"

My favorite part about being pregnant so far, a tie between:
  • Feeling him kick me. It make me giggle sometimes and he has literally tickled me a couple times. I love seeing my tummy bounce. It just makes me think about how cute he's going to be.
  • I also love sending my dad updates through the email. His replies back to me make me laugh and I love being able to share this experience with him.
Here I am at 24 weeks! No I'm not pushing it out.

Brady has had my camera, and my point and shoot is kaput, so I had to use my phone.

Another annoying thing is swollen feet and ankles. Extreme man! It started when we went to Disneyland, then they went away after a week or so, then they came back with a vengeance, then they went away. Now they puff up a little every day, but go down by morning. On Saturday, Sarah came shopping with Brady and me. When I came out of a dressing room in a dress, Sarah was literally gawking at my ankles. I would've been offended if it wasn't so funny.

Some randomness:

I don't talk to my tummy/baby. Is that bad? Will my baby not recognize my voice?

My driving has gotten less ragerific, not that it was that bad before. I now notice that people run red lights all the time! It's scary, so I make sure all cars are coming to a stop before I go on my green light.

I like listening to rock and alternative music in the car. Is that bad with a baby?

I can't wait until my new clothes come in. I ordered a bunch online yesterday.

Brady and I watched the documentary "Babies". It was super cute and really funny. Our favorite baby was definitely the Mongolian baby. He was hilarious, even his older brother had us rolling.

I can't wait to see my mom this Friday.

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  1. You are sooo funny! I never talked to my belly...I thought that was weird. And Holly definatly knows our voices...and listening to good music will make your kid like good music! DUH!! I had swollen feet bad too!! At the end of my pregnancy I couldnt wear any kind of shoes but slippers, and I couldnt wear socks. When I went to the dr. I would wear flip flops half way on because I couldn't get them on all the way...but by the time I went to the hospital I went bare footed slipped into some pink fuzzy slippers in a foot of snow...It was lovely! Glad things are going well! So excited for you!