Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Third Trimester Begins

Here we are in the "home stretch", as people tell me. I'm 28 weeks along, only 12 to go. I'm starting to get more uncomfortable and sitting for a long period of time is getting harder and harder, especially at work. I have to slouch in my seat a ton just so I don't feel all scrunched up but of course, that is starting to hurt my back. Other than that, I've been feeling great.

We have finally bought some gear. My mom took us out and got us to buy a stroller and car seat,
and a Pack N Play.
We're quite proud of our purchases, and if we get nothing else, we at least have a way to move the baby around and a place for him to sleep.

I took my glucose test on Wednesday of last week. All I heard before taking this test is how awful it is. People talked up the horror of it so much I was expecting the worst. Turns out that it was nothing! I show up and they give me this small bottle of some orange drink that I had to get down in 5 minutes. I got it down in like 90 seconds because it tasted exactly like this stuff!
The annoying part was having to just sit there for an hour before they could do my blood draw. At least Brady came along to keep me company. No results on the test yet, by the way.

Here's the belly shot, taken Wednesday,

On to fun things we've done. Well, we went to a fun movie event with our friends Brian and Kat. They invited us to go see this:It was laugh out load hilarious. If you don't know what it is, Riff Trax are these three guys that starred in Mystery Science Theater 3000, and they now "riff" on more modern movies, but for Halloween they did this Vincent Price movie "House on Haunted Hill" and was broadcast throughout theaters. They also riffed on a couple of old, rather random, short films, from the 70's. Awesomeness.

Story: After arriving at the theater after we had dinner, we all used the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Brian saw a man wearing a fanny pack, he walked out and punched Brady, "slug-bug" style and they decided to begin the game that you can punch someone if you see a fanny pack. Kat and I walked out of the bathroom and we were told about this and Kat pointed at a guy in the distance asking "like that guy?" We all cracked up, since this was a completely different guy than who Brian originally saw. What are the odds? Let the games begin.

We've also seen a few good movies. In the theater! In the past month we've seen,
The TownThe Social NetworkWaiting for SupermanWe both cried at this last one. It was sad and frustrating. However it was really good and I recommend seeing it. I think Brady and I talked about education, schools, and our own school experiences for two hours after walking out of the theater.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For the first time...

Brady felt our boy kicking! Last night, while we were laying on our bed playing with our phones, the baby started bouncing around. I told Brady and he put his hand on my tummy and finally felt 3 good kicks. We were excited. Happy times!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

24 Weeks

Hello! I'm still here. I'm 24 weeks pregnant and feeling good about it, 85% of the time. The 15% is when I have moments of mood changes. It's like when I was on the pill and I felt PMS-y all the time. It was no fun then and lasted a lot longer, but this time I have worries with it, like, this baby is coming sooner than later and we have nothing prepared. I like feeling prepared. Or when people treat me different in a way that makes me think, "geez people, I'm not handicapped!"

My favorite part about being pregnant so far, a tie between:
  • Feeling him kick me. It make me giggle sometimes and he has literally tickled me a couple times. I love seeing my tummy bounce. It just makes me think about how cute he's going to be.
  • I also love sending my dad updates through the email. His replies back to me make me laugh and I love being able to share this experience with him.
Here I am at 24 weeks! No I'm not pushing it out.

Brady has had my camera, and my point and shoot is kaput, so I had to use my phone.

Another annoying thing is swollen feet and ankles. Extreme man! It started when we went to Disneyland, then they went away after a week or so, then they came back with a vengeance, then they went away. Now they puff up a little every day, but go down by morning. On Saturday, Sarah came shopping with Brady and me. When I came out of a dressing room in a dress, Sarah was literally gawking at my ankles. I would've been offended if it wasn't so funny.

Some randomness:

I don't talk to my tummy/baby. Is that bad? Will my baby not recognize my voice?

My driving has gotten less ragerific, not that it was that bad before. I now notice that people run red lights all the time! It's scary, so I make sure all cars are coming to a stop before I go on my green light.

I like listening to rock and alternative music in the car. Is that bad with a baby?

I can't wait until my new clothes come in. I ordered a bunch online yesterday.

Brady and I watched the documentary "Babies". It was super cute and really funny. Our favorite baby was definitely the Mongolian baby. He was hilarious, even his older brother had us rolling.

I can't wait to see my mom this Friday.