Monday, September 6, 2010

A last minute trip

Last weekend, Brady and I decided to go to Disneyland for a few days. It was a last minute decision, and for me, last minute means, one week notice. We also didn't tell anyone. We liked being sneaky and knew we would get an earful from certain family members that would be TOTALLY JEALOUS! And I was right. MWAH ha ha ha.

Why would I go to Disneyland while pregnant? Because Disneyland is fun, even when you aren't riding one of the roller coasters. I decided to take my SLR camera to take awesome pictures. But since I'm not a dedicated photographer, I didn't get very artsy, and only carried it around the first day. That thing is heavy.

We left on Thursday after I go off of work.We drove into this pretty setting and ended up getting pounded on with rain and strong wind, and next to semi trucks. Luckily I was driving, so we were guaranteed to be safe.

We got to Anaheim a little cranky. It was late and we were tired. We camped again. Hey, it's fun and a huge money saver. We got set up and went to sleep and rose to a beautiful day for Disneyland!

The wildest ride I could ride was "Pirates of the Caribbean". We went on that after first riding "Jungle Cruise" nothing like horrible puns to start your day. We even did "Tarzan's Treehouse", we had along day to fill without the help of thrill rides. View from Tarzan's Treehouse.

We made reservations to eat at "The Blue Bayou". They amazingly had a table available for the very beginning of lunch, right next to the water. Sweet!
Yummy food to come!

The fun thing about sitting next to the water at this place, is that you have people going by on the boats waving at you. Brady had fun humoring them and waving back.

Next was a ride on the "Mark Twain Riverboat", something I hadn't done in many years.
A view of the canoe ride from Mark Twain. And yes, we did this too!
Fantasyland was a must for us, so we rode on "Peter Pan", my favorite, "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride", and the carousel. We even did the castle walk through, which was also recently updated and really cool. Seriously!

As it started to get hotter in the late afternoon, we did a couple things on Main Street like watch all of the penny arcade movies, and go into the movie theater. We went and saw "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln", which was pretty good since they had recently updated it.

I can tell Brady kind of wanted to go on a ride and since "Splash Mountain" had a Single Rider line, I encouraged him to go. But just as we were getting there, Brady pulled me onto the "Davy Crockett Canoes". We ended up sitting right up front. We were excited and really wanted to paddle since we see most people just sit there while the cast members do all of the work, and we feel bad. So we got a workout. It was fun.

We went on the Winnie the Pooh ride for the first time. It's full of randomness and I'm not surprised that it's not more popular (HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, inside joke). There was a couple in front of us on the ride that turned around at one point and asked if they could take a picture over our heads. We said yeah. They said it was because there were left over head mounts from the Country Bear Jamboree hidden in the Pooh ride. He pointed it out and we turned and looked and sure enough!
It was these:

We went Tomorrowland for one reason, to see...It was sooo cheesy awesome! I could have done without the new chair moving thing. But it was hilarious to see, especially with Brady. This is not his kind of thing. Unfortunately, the 3D quality isn't that great and so we couldn't bear to see it again on this trip.

Brady: "It's a CUBE!"

We watched the fireworks show that night, which was kind of a snooze, the music was too soft and there weren't enough fun firework explosions going on.

The 2nd day we did California Adventure. I didn't have my camera most of the day so not many pictures to show. We thought that they were opening at 9am so we get there at that time and the gates are still closed. Turns out that they weren't opening until 10am. But we waited in the line that was already there and at 9:30 they opened the gate to allow people to go get their "World of Color" fast pass ticket. Something you have to have, to see the new night show. So we headed to where they tell us and it's a long line. Good thing we go there so early. We only had to wait for about 25 minutes, but the line got A LOT longer the next time we saw it an hour later. But they do the show three times, so it's still worth the wait.

The first thing we rode was the Merry-Go-Round, with the swinging seats. It was early enough that we were able to get our own. It was fun and man do those things swing!

We rode "Soarin over California" which is always awesome. We even got fast passes for later when it would be more crowded. We saw "Muppets in 3D" and cute little stage show we stumbled on called "Drawn to the Magic". Since it was near by we even went on the "Monsters Inc" ride for the first time. It was lame.

For lunch we got delicious bread bowls. Then we headed over to Paradise Pier to see how Toy Story Mania was. The wait was 45 minutes (Ugh! They need fast passes!) We decided to not go in at that moment. Brady went into the bathroom and I called my mom. By the time I got off the phone with mom. The wait had gone down to 30 minutes! Sweet! It moved fast. I love that ride, and games are so much fun.

It was now 3pm and we were tired, so we went to our car, laid the seats back and slept until 5pm. It was the best thing ever!

We got back in the park and ate a simple dinner at the Fresh Market. We watched people get wet on the Big Bear River Run. Hilarious. And I took some pictures.
Hey that's nice picture, but...

Oh Yeah! Camera skills!

We headed to our line for "World of Color" and we were in great spot. We were almost dead center and not too close to the water, but not too far away. Showing up early for the tickets paid off.

Waiting for "World of Color"

World of Color pre-show. I know, you can totally tell what's going on.

I didn't get any pictures of the show. I wanted to really enjoy it without worrying about getting a good picture. Plus the mist of the water would hit us. This show was amazing. I was really impressed. It doesn't have a story like "Fantasmic" but the spectacle is awesome. It's crazy how high that water goes up and the effects they were able to pull off. And pyrotechnics like Disney's never done before! This show is highly recommended. See it the next time you're there.

I didn't take this picture, but I tried to after the show.

California had this thing going on at night called "Glow fest". We were wondering what it was, and it turns out that it's a big dance they have every night. It's a like a night club in the entrance to DCA.
The next day we went back to Disneyland to do a the few fun rides I could do, Pirates and Haunted Mansion. Brady went on 'Indiana Jones" by himself as well as "Splash Mountain". It was fun to be able to see him go down the drop. He was sitting in the back with a bunch of young college kids and I could hear him yell in joy as they went down. He got pretty wet on one side.

Brady decided that he wanted to go on the River Run at DCA right before we left, so we walked all the way over, but the wait was 35 minutes. And he didn't want to wait that long. So we ate a churro and left.

It was a fun trip, even pregnant. It makes me excited for when ever we go next time and I can go on what ever ride I want. But it also makes me really appreciate Disney for not making just thrill rides. It was also a good trip for just Brady and me, before we become responsible parents.

Miles Driven: 700
Churros Eaten: 6
Bathrooms Uses: Lots!
Lincolns' Seen: 1
Swollen Feet: 2 (3 times)
Fun?: Yes.

Goodbye California

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