Friday, September 10, 2010

Dishin' It

It's a Boy!

We're very excited! It's crazy too! I'm going to have a son! I'm going to be a mom and have a little boy that will be my son. I can hardly believe it.

We weren't all that surprised that it was a boy since we were given a very strong hint at our 12 week ultrasound. When we were there, the technician said "I know it's early, but do want to know what I think your having?" We said yes. She said "a boy". It did seem pretty obvious in the ultrasound pics. And even the doctor that day agreed with her. But since she said that's still too early to be 100% sure, we shouldn't go buy all blue yet. So we only told some people and decided to wait until this ultrasound to announce what it really was.

We'll announce the name if we ever nail it down as official, since we have one in mind.

Brady asked me what color theme we're going to do for the "baby room". Look, I'm not a decorator. Never have been. You can look around my house and see that I'm not one to do color themes. Or a theme in any way. I do like color. I'm not into the whole neutral color thing that everyone seems to do nowadays. It looks nice, but I like seeing reds (obviously), blue, purples, whatever, at the same time, and I'm sure my children's rooms will be the same way, until they're old enough to take over decorating their own rooms themselves. I do have a cute idea that involves colored paper and cute shapes over the babies crib. I can't wait to know where I'll be living and what room to do this in.

Oh here's the gift my mom bought for my future boy.
Isn't it adorable? I'm loving the Classic Pooh stuff. If I do a theme, that's what it would be.

Cute little rattle

I think it's time for some maternity clothes. I have one skirt and one dress that fit ok, but since I have 20 Sunday's left (weird), I think I need to go out and buy a couple that I can grow into. I was looking online and I couldn't believe how expensive maternity clothes are! Come on! I'm only going to wear this stuff for 6 months or so, I hope.

Man, am I just rambling, or what?

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  1. Oh! I am Sooo happy for you guys! You will do great. From recent experience baby boys are lots of fun. Really I am sure all babies are fun but we have loved our little man! I am sure Conway and your little one will cause a racket at Grandma's someday soon. =) Love