Thursday, July 15, 2010

Picture Day!

Last month, I hired a photographer to take family pictures for Brady and me. It was a lot a fun. And HOT! (Temperature wise). But they turned out great. Just how I was hoping. Here is our photographer's website.
And here are a few of my favorites. We have a lot more than this but I can't give them all away.Check out how blue they made Brady's eyes. Kind of sexy...

This one's just funny to us since we know what's going on.

Monday, July 12, 2010

2 years down! And "other news"

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and no pictures were taken.

Yesterday Brady and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Since it was on a Sunday, and we did an "away" trip to Prescott, we celebrated pretty low key. I was feeling icky most of the day and only attended sacrament meeting at church. After Brady taught Sunday School, he came home with roses in hand; and jerky (he knows the way to my heart). Brady then took me out to dinner to Claim Jumpers in Scottsdale. It was yummy and we got dessert to go. That's pretty much it. But we talked a lot about our upcoming year in marriage, looking for a new place to live, looking for a new job for Brady, and

A baby!

Yay! I think most people know by now since news travels like wild fire in the family. Brady and I are expecting our first at the end of January. We're both pretty darn excited.

It was fun telling people, so I need to tell the story of telling my mom. Now, my mom has talked about having grandkids since I was 10. She may deny it, but it's no joke. Luckily, my mom's birthday fell on the weekend that I wanted to start telling the news. So the day before her birthday, she came into town, as well as Grandma and Grandpa Bingham. My mom called me and told me where we're all going to dinner, The Golden Gate Chinese restaurant my mom calls, "The Red Door Place", and I had an hour to build my own anxiety.

Brady and I had bought a "Congratulations" card that had some appropriate wording that would convey the message we're giving her. And to make it more obvious we put a copy of our ultrasound picture in the card.

On the way to the restaurant, I start to bawl. I was super duper anxious, and happy, and excited and it all came out in tears 2 minutes before we saw everyone. Brady calmed me down and we walked in and everyone was already sitting. We sit down and I let everyone order before I ask mom if she wants her birthday present early. She was confused because, well, her birthday was the next day, but I honestly couldn't hold it in any longer! I told her "You might really like it." She opened the card and immediately said "REALLY?" and Sarah saw it and yelled "Are you SERIOUS?" Us girls start crying. I give my mom a hug and grandma and grandpa and are all "what is it?" Everyone was really excited and I was able to breath.

I called my dad the next day. I told him that he's going to be a grandpa, and he just laughed saying "that's old guy stuff", but he's was excited.

We saw all the Bourgeous' for Holly's blessing and I was able to announce to them in person. It was funny since Kim, Paige, and Lindsay were all thinking that I would come that day and make that announcement. Funny girls.

It's been such a relief to be able to tell people and talk about things. It was starting to feel a bit lonely only having Brady to talk to about how I feel, and although he's a saint and is really understanding, he doesn't quite know how it feels. I sure do love him though.