Monday, May 17, 2010


Last Friday, we took a little road trip to Tucson, with mom and Sarah in the back seat. Friday night we attended the wedding reception for Lacey Nymeyer and her new husband Chandler. Aunt Niecey out did herself on the decorating and it turned out very pretty. It was a nice night to sit outside and eat lots of finger foods. We stayed at Aunt Nadine and Uncle Leo's house that night and the next day, Brady took me on a tour of his U of A life.
The apartment he lived in with Shannon while attending UofA.
This is the wall on the side of a Bookman's. It used to have a geeky, fantasy themed, mural painted here that Brady thought was cool.
This is where Brady used to work, but it's now some kind of art gallery.

The Rialto, where Brady attended many concerts.

This picture was taken for Shannon and Michael.

You can't go to Tucson without eating at Molina's Midway.
We were all so excited!

Best cheese crisp ever!

After lunch and, of course, stopping off at Eegees, we headed to Safford for the Gila Valley Temple Open House. I'll blog about that later.

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  1. You're related to the Nymeyer's??? That's crazy. Mike grew up with them, her parent's live in Mike's moms ward. Small world. It doesn't get any better than Molina's and Eegees. Too bad we didn't know you were in town it would have been fun to see you guys.