Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gila Valley Temple

The day we left Tucson, we got to attend the Gila Valley Temple open house. It was awesome. I was very awed by this temple. It was very bright and the color's were beautiful. Lots of blue. The chandelier was breathtaking! I'm really excited to be able to go back and do a session in this temple.I believe the exact words I said to Brady when taking this pictures was...

"smile for real!"

Grandma Buckley was working the open house so we chatted with her and she informed us of very exciting news: She gets to be in the temple for the dedication! I got kind of choked up when she told us. I can't think of anyone who has served the Lord more than she has, and totally deserves to be there.

My brothers, along with all the youth from the area, are a part of the cultural celebration, so lots of exciting things are going on for my family in Safford. Good luck everybody!

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