Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The End

The best six years of television has come to an end. The LOST series finale aired on Sunday. It was bittersweet. I was happy that the show ended while it was still on an amazing high note, but of course sad that we will no longer get to enjoy it anymore and learn more answers to the islands many mysteries. Thank goodness for DVD's nowadays, so I can watch the show over and over again.

I don't really have a lot to say about the show without giving away what happens. I know a lot of people don't watch the show. But I will say that I was completely satisfied with the ending. It was emotional and beautiful.

I strongly recommend that everyone watch this show. Get the DVD's and give it a go. You will not be sorry.

Paula and Evan had a LOST party for the finale. They requested that we dress up as a character and they put a lot of details in the food and decorating, so it was a fun time.

The Hatch door. And yes, that is Desmond in the window.

Ha ha ha.

Paula made "fish biscuits"

We played a LOST Finale Game that Paula and Evan made up. We basically had to guess what would happen. Brady and I won by a landslide!

Best cookies ever?

Chicken from Mr. Cluck's! And it was delicious.

Paula dressed up as Creepy Claire, with Goat Baby. Evan dressed up as the Smoke Monster.

These are two of Paula and Evan's friends who came as Kate and Daniel Faraday. (Personally, I thought he looked more like Jack from the Pilot episode). They're holding the invitation Paula sent for the party, which looked like airplane tickets.

I went as Cindy the flight attendant from the Oceanic 815. Brady went as Mikhail Bukunin. (Sorry I covered his Dharma patch).


A toast, to the end of the greatest show ever! It's been an amazing journey.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gila Valley Temple

The day we left Tucson, we got to attend the Gila Valley Temple open house. It was awesome. I was very awed by this temple. It was very bright and the color's were beautiful. Lots of blue. The chandelier was breathtaking! I'm really excited to be able to go back and do a session in this temple.I believe the exact words I said to Brady when taking this pictures was...

"smile for real!"

Grandma Buckley was working the open house so we chatted with her and she informed us of very exciting news: She gets to be in the temple for the dedication! I got kind of choked up when she told us. I can't think of anyone who has served the Lord more than she has, and totally deserves to be there.

My brothers, along with all the youth from the area, are a part of the cultural celebration, so lots of exciting things are going on for my family in Safford. Good luck everybody!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Last Friday, we took a little road trip to Tucson, with mom and Sarah in the back seat. Friday night we attended the wedding reception for Lacey Nymeyer and her new husband Chandler. Aunt Niecey out did herself on the decorating and it turned out very pretty. It was a nice night to sit outside and eat lots of finger foods. We stayed at Aunt Nadine and Uncle Leo's house that night and the next day, Brady took me on a tour of his U of A life.
The apartment he lived in with Shannon while attending UofA.
This is the wall on the side of a Bookman's. It used to have a geeky, fantasy themed, mural painted here that Brady thought was cool.
This is where Brady used to work, but it's now some kind of art gallery.

The Rialto, where Brady attended many concerts.

This picture was taken for Shannon and Michael.

You can't go to Tucson without eating at Molina's Midway.
We were all so excited!

Best cheese crisp ever!

After lunch and, of course, stopping off at Eegees, we headed to Safford for the Gila Valley Temple Open House. I'll blog about that later.